4 reasons not to have your photographs taken in winter – not!!

If I had a shiny pound coin for every time I heard someone say that winter is not the time to have photographs taken, my piggy bank would be full!! Let me dispel four myths for you that may just get you thinking differently….

Myth: It might rain

Yes it might! You need to decide beforehand if you and your family want to embrace the chance of rain (think colourful macs and funky unmbrellas and wellies) or reschedule, which is absolutely fine.  Personally I think it depends on what type of family you are, there’s no right or wrong. Saying that, weather apps are so predictable these days that often a short spell of rain can pass. Given I usually only offer one shoot a day, we can be flexible with times.

Myth: Weather is bad in winter

Not true! I’ve taken some amazing photos particularly in November and January which could have been taken in spring.  The climate is so unpredictable these days that seasons merge into each other.  Bad weather can strike in summer too.  For example, the heavens absolutely opened before this wedding last August!

oldham wedding photography


Myth: It’s too cold

True, it might be! However, I work quickly and efficiently to avoid lots of standing around and waiting. Once you have decided on your outfit choices (of which I can share useful guides with you to help you decide) you can layer up and wear your big coat in between photos.  Plus, we can always work inside and outside if you prefer. The choice is yours!

Myth: You need a hot sunny day for photos

This is my biggest bug bear! Take a look at this photo taken in South Africa many moons ago.  Harsh shadows cover me and I can’t even open my eyes!  When the sun is at its highest and brightest, harsh shadows and hot spots appear which we don’t want! Not flattering at all! The beauty of winter is that clouds can act as diffuser to the sun which is perfect!

So, what do you think now?

Can you see how winter photography can be a good idea?  I would love to know your thoughts so please comment below…

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