REVEALED: Six things to think about when taking photos in winter

I am so ready for Spring!

Who is ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring?

Personally, all of this rain (which always comes at school drop off or pick up!!) is making me ready to dust off my light jackets and put away my waterproof and hunky coats.  Saying that, it doesn’t mean that photography can’t be top of mind.

Here are my top six things to consider when it comes to photography at this time of year:

  1.  Capture the weather.

All we can do is embrace the weather at this time of year so don’t hide from it!  Whether it’s the brolly blowing away in the wind, kids splashing in puddles or making angles in the snow, just do it!  Make it fun and the results will speak for themselves.

2.  Look for patterns.

If you are lucky enough to have snow, snowflakes offer great patterns.  Hard and muddy footprints of the family can be great too.  Simply head into your garden with the kids and have an explore.  What animal prints can you find, for example?  Any natural patterns in front of your nose?

wirral family photography


a pile of logs stacked up

3.  Stay indoors.

Basically, if you can’t face the cold, how can you capture the essence of winter at home?  Baking with the kids, drinking hot chocolate, move watching snuggled up under blankets would all hit my top ten!  If you are stuck for inspiration, I share my six favourite household props which could come in handy!

My Mum Story Keith Orson


4.  Time lapse photos.

Whether staying indoors or heading out, decide to take a photo from the same location at regular intervals. So for example, if you are making crafts at home, fix your camera to a tripod and take a photo every ten minutes and the story will play out for itself!

5.  Create your own project.

Pick a theme for the season and stick to it.  For example, if you love flowers, why not create photos of flowers when you are out walking, in the garden, or receive a bouquet from a loved one.  You can involve the kids by sharing a theme or why not have a competition and critique each other’s creations?

6.  Sort your photos out!

Whether it be getting them saved online or displayed at home, this is definitely the season to do it.  Take advantage of the long and cold nights and do something that your future self will thank you for.  Come on, you know what it’s like to try to take a photo and shiver at that memory full message 🙁

Enjoy this lovely season

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