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why are photographers so expensive - let me explain

The truth: Why are photographers so expensive?

Why do photographers cost so much?

Put your hand in the bucket if you’ve ever wondered why photographers are so expensive.. Come on, I know you all have!  I know I used to before I created Inspired By Joseph photography.

But let me give you some home truths.  In reality, photographers aren’t expensive.  And like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Let me show you

I want to illustrate with a blow by blow account of paying for a session with Inspired By Joseph photography.  And I stress this is absolute minimum from me, you can ask my previous clients if you don’t believe me!  So this is what a typical job, say a family session, looks like.

  •  Emailing back and forth with my client, arranging and organising the session and sharing ideas (1.5 hours +)
  • Preparing my equipment and sourcing/travelling for items or props I may need for the session, travelling to the session plus parking fees if applicable (2.5 hours +)
  • Photo session which includes reassuring my often nervous clients, comfort breaks for children, the actual shooting then return home (3 hours +)
  • Two stages of editing.  Culling through hundreds of photos to pick the very best ones plus editing such as colour correction and slight retouching. I don’t do removing wrinkles, birth marks etc! Clients won’t see the extent of editing that I will go to.  Moreover, take a look below at the many items I have removed from the first image to make it cleaner, focusing the eye on the right things, unlike the second image!  (4 hours+)
  • Uploading photos to my secure, password protected website and creating any further elements of the package such as frames, photo books etc (2 hours +)

So that’s an absolute minimum of 13 hours. Really it is an absolute minimum, I’m definitely not doing myself justice here I know.  As our American friends would say, you do the math…

And there’s more!

Oh, and there’s loads of costs to think about too!  Just absolute top line excluding photography equipment, training and client goods (frames, photo books etc) such as:


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