Answered: Your question about where to print photos

My biggest bug bear is not printing photos!

If you have worked with me or have simply read my blogs, you know that one of my big bug bears is people not printing off photos.  Think about it, you are likely to have zillions of photos on your phone, on your digital camera or backed up on the cloud.  Why?  I always say, if you decided to make the effort to take that particular photo, there must have been a reason.  Therefore, you need to finish the process off and print out your favourites.  Why?

It’s a moment in your life that you wanted to record so print it off!

It’s cheap to do.  What’s a few pennies for a simple 6*4 or 7*5?

It’s not that difficult a task. In reality, yes, it might seem another item for your to do list but come on, once you arrive in store, it’s instant.

Where to get your photos printed?

I’m often asked this by my clients.  As much as I hate to say it, I don’t particularly mind where you choose to have your photos printed, just do it!  However, here are my top tips to help you decide where to print your photos.

I am a big believer in shopping local (you can see why here) so search for a local independent printers and start there.  If it’s the odd 6*4 or 7*5 print, they are instant and some stores even allow you to email photos in beforehand.

If you have a larger batch to print and you are on a budget, there are loads of online sites offering deals for 50 or 100 prints such as Snapfish or Truprint which are mainstream printers.  Consequently, the quality and colour of each company may differ slightly but it will get the job done for you.

If this has inspired you to print some of your own photos, why not have a look at my top tips for saving photos (super important!) as well as how to showcase your photos in your home?

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