When should we leave the camera alone?

Whatever your opinion of Donald Trump, I am sure that you were unable to avoid the media coverage over the last week regrading his inauguration.  I always tend to watch as much of these things as possible.  After all it is history in the making and it is something I will be able to share with Joseph and Victoria when they are older.

Watching the inauguration got me thinking…

With the rise of camera phones in particular, we are never far from a camera.  We can take photographs at the drop of a hat.  Whilst watching the inauguration I noticed that so many people who were attending chose to watch the ceremony through their phone, either videoing or taking photos, rather than watching it, for real, in the flesh.  It got me thinking…  So when is it appropriate, or right, to take photos?  Is there a time and a place?  Or is it just down to personal preference?

I believe it is about choosing wisely

For me, if I was at such an important, history making event, I think I would want to savour that moment for real.  I’m not sure I could replicate that moment through my own camera lens. Plus, the worlds media got it covered!  Events and moments pass by us so quickly that it is important to enjoy things as they happen and remember them through our own internal lens.  I think back to concerts I’ve been to, for example, when I’ve recorded so many short videos of my favourite songs.  But if the truth be told, I’ve never done anything with them which makes me wish I had just enjoyed them for what they were.

As a photographer, this can be difficult to achieve but can be done with practice and a bit of self talk.  I don’t always get it right but I try.  What I will often do, for significant events (like Victoria’s recent 1st birthday party) is to pass the camera to a family member or friend.  This allows me the freedom to enjoy the event and for someone else to record the memories.  Win, win!  Next time, why not give it a go yourself and hand the camera over so you can enjoy the experience yourself?

What do you think?  Is there a time and a place for a camera?  Comment below as I would love to hear from you.

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