Weddings with loads of children equal loads of fun!

The best weddings have loads of children!

One of the first moments that gives me goose bumps at a wedding is the seconds leading up to the brides entrance.  Tawnia, with her arm snuggled in to her super proud Dad, looked classically elegant in her dress.  Capturing a final daughter and Dad time together before Tawnia’s special moment was all the more lovely especially with the gorgeous staircase at Chadderton Town Hall as a backdrop.

Oldham wedding Chadderton Town Hall

The excitement was tremendous!

Meanwhile, little did she know that the flutter of tiny feet just above her head was happening as her happy little boy, Albie, was grinning from ear to ear, practicing his walking up the aisle.  Surrounded by all of the special people in his life, he was having a whale of a time!

Oldham wedding Chadderton Town Hall

A gorgeous ceremony

Intimate moments throughout the ceremony usually make me do a bit of blinking (and if it gets severe, a subtle and quiet cough) to avoid me crying! Like this moment during the exchange of rings when it’s like the happy couple are the only people present, or when Tawnia read out the most beautifully written and personalised commitment to her little boy Albie, on behalf of herself  and Tony. Now that I have children of my own, intimate moments like this make me proud of capture such times for generations to come.

Oldham wedding Chadderton Town Hall

My favourite kind of colours

The minutes after the ceremony offer the opportunity to highlight relaxed and happy faces, bursting with pride and joy.  I just love the creamy, dreamy colours that sum up the theme of the wedding to a tee! To be fair, I’d love one of those Bridesmaid dresses myself!

Oldham wedding Chadderton Town Hall




A cake too good to eat!

Arriving at the reception is an exciting time as I anticipate how the theme is brought to life.  Tawnia and Tony’s was just as expected as the dreamy, creamy theme continued with gorgeous florals.  As I got stuck into photographing the wedding cake, the story behind it unfolded.  Tawnia’s super talented Mum and sister had created it! Trust me when I say it looked too good to eat!

Fun times with all of the children

Following the wedding breakfast, I have to admit I had tonnes of fun with all of the younger members of the wedding party.  With fifteen (ish) young and fabulous children, at times I felt like the Pied Piper as I had children follow me round as we created individual portraits, created short videos and even roped a few Mums in for party time!

Oldham wedding Chadderton Town Hall

Tawnia and Tony, it was a pleasure to spend the day capturing your special day.  Your family and friends were so much fun and I wish you and your gorgeously happy boy a long and prosperous future together

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