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The world of weddings!

When I created Inspired by Joseph photography, I never ever imagined that a significant portion of my work would be wedding related.  It’s an area that I had never considered feeling that family photography was my focus.  However, I seem to be developing an area of growth specifically in weddings for couples who have small children.  Can I let you in on a secret?  I absolutely love it!  Don’t get me wrong, I find wedding photography seriously nerve wracking.  After all it is such a massive responsibility but when I see my clients reactions when they see their photos, I am so glad that they are becoming an increasingly bigger part of my product offering.

Something for everyone

I first met Natalie months back when she made contact about her upcoming wedding.  I loved hearing all about her plans and the concept she had sounded brilliant!  Wedding budgets can easily spiral out of control but I worked with Natalie on a package that suited her to a tee.  That’s the thing with me, no package is set in stone.  I can alter elements to make it work for you, especially for weddings as each couple can want something totally different from the next.

Being a Girl Guide has it’s advantages!

In the hours that ran up to the wedding, the heavens opened. And I mean opened!  There were rain clouds each way I looked and my plan B/C/D for shooting in the rain at an outdoor venue seemed to be coming to the forefront of my mind.  I’m always prepared for all eventualities (can you tell I was a girl guide?) but still, I knew that Natalie was banking on the sunshine so I crossed my fingers and hoped that it would pass.  And it did.

Oldham wedidng

The sun shone between brilliant white clouds and a fantastic shade of blue from start to finish.  The ceremony was ultra personal.  As Natalie and Stuart read their vows it was an honour to watch friends and family react to the love that was on display for us all to see.  Their smiles were infectious and the laughter you could bottle and sell.  You could feel the energy as the ceremony came to a close and we started on the group photos.  A massive thank you goes to Davina, Natalie’s sister for being the best chief assistant photographer. In reality, she did fantastic getting everyone ready and waiting for what I can only describe as group photos filled with bucket loads of laughter and happiness.   When I talk about authentic photography, this was it in a nutshell.  I mean, look, how happy does everyone look?

I love how unique each wedding is

Moreover, there were elements of the wedding that, along with the photographs will last way longer than other elements of the wedding.  Just take a look at these lovely bears, matched with the bridesmaids dresses!  How nice to keep and much better than a bunch of flowers which only last week if you are lucky!

oldham wedding photography

Thank you Natalie

Thank you Natalie for allowing me the honour of documenting your special day.  You guys made  my experience me so much fun and it will be a wedding that sticks in my mind for a long time to come!

oldham wedding photography

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