4 Valentine’s Day photo ideas you’ve probably never thought of before!

4 Valentine’s Day photo ideas you’ve probably never thought of before!

Valentine’s Day is definitely one of my favourite holidays of the year, brightening up a winter’s day after the elongated month of January.  Furthermore, being a photographer plus living in beautiful Saddleworth, Oldham, means taking advantage of the stunning scenery.   The breath taking colours and textures are idyllic for Valentines Day, especially if we have a bright sunny day over the Pennines.  Therefore, why not journey outside in the run up to Valentine’s Day and have an experiment with my four photo ideas you’ve probably never thought of before.  Whether you prefer  to be altogether romantic and head for the kiss, or simply have a spot of fun and laughter with the children, there definitely is something for everyone.  Please don’t be out off by the weather either, you need to be in it to win it!

1.  Find useful props.

Grab a bag of red balloons, cut a heart out of red card with a personalised message or buy a pack of love hearts and display them in a heart shape.  I bought this love light up sign years ago and it comes out every February!  Better still, if you have kids, let them get involved.  Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be expensive but Valentine’s Day props will help to reinforce the time of year that the photographs were taken.


2.  Experiment with flowers but in the non traditional sense.

I have witnessed flowers beginning to bloom around Saddleworth so explore!  Incorporate flowers into your photographs creatively by standing behind or between them.  In essence, this saves forking out for an overpriced bunch of red roses too!  Or if, like me, you have artificial flowers around the house, use them too!

Cake smash photography near me - Oldham photographer

3.  Explore locally.

What things can you find around Saddleworth that links to Valentine’s Day?  How about a photograph next to Lovers Lane in Grasscroft, for example?  A number of people might think it cheesy but I love it.  Have history with a special spot?  Head there like I did with my fabulous clients!

Men who hate having their photograph taken

4.  Enjoy the experience!

Take selfies as a couple or group, or individual photographs and then collate together in a photo app that illustrate the occasion.  Remember, you can always use the timer on your camera to give you time to get set up. Check out three useful apps here.


I’d love to know how you get on so drop me a comment below, especially if you can think of any other places to try locally for number 3!  If you are interested in treating your other half with a gift that goes way beyond a bottle of fizz, or meal out, why not book a super affordable Valentine’s Day package with me?  I promise the memories will last longer.  Check out my Facebook page for further details.


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