Inspired By Joseph – Top 5 Super Quick and Easy Tips For Taking Better Photos

Ordinarily, the essence of Inspired By Joseph is based on sharing my passion on taking better photos.   Bev Ridyard is an Oldham photographer put on this planet to serve clients and go way beyond just taking photos.  Bev is as passionate about the  Inspired By Joseph experience just as much as the end result – the photographs.

Similarly, Bev works hard to educate her clients and followers when it comes to taking their own photographs.  Whether it be through one of the many photo challenges she runs several time a year through her Facebook page,  sharing blogs like this or telling her story of how she takes a photo herself every day, there really is something for everyone.

Connection and emotion is at the heart of Inspired By Joseph.  Don’t let life pass you by.  The best thing about memories is making them, something your future self will thank you for.  If you aren’t looking for a family photographer just now, take the five tips below on board and I promise you will see a difference.

Get close and personal

Don’t be afraid to step in close. You can really help capture emotion and expression this way, plus it takes away all that background noise that you do not want to see anyway!  Certainly don’t use the zoom if you can help it, you are much better to get physically closer and retain the quality.

Remember to focus on the right thing

Focus on the centre of the person or their eyes or object you want to focus on, then press and hold the shutter button halfway down. Then simply reposition your camera (still holding the shutter button) to the scene that you are looking to achieve and press the shutter all the way down. Magic!

Take horizontal AND vertical pictures

Some people are creatures of habit and prefer one style, but have fun experimenting! The same shot can look very different take the opposite way around.  Step pout of your comfort zone ansd then you have the luxury of choosing which one you like the best.

Don’t worry about smiles

Many clients are looking for that perfect photo of everyone smiling at the camera but sometimes it’s not achievable and can look too staged!  Having some people look away, photos from behind or all looking down can work.  Shake off the ‘must have’ photo and experiment, it just takes a bit of time!

Check the light

Don’t be afraid to move either yourself or your subjects until you get this right. No one wants to be squinting at the sun, for example.

Has this inspired you to get out and take more photos? Why not join me for a complementary chat to see how I can help turn your adventures into memories to share forever.

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