Three quick tips to encourage you to take more photographs now!

First of all, how often do you say to yourself phrases such as:

  • There is always tomorrow…
  • I’m too busy
  • No way can I do it – I hate having my photograph taken
  • I can’t take a decent photograph so consequently I am not in many!

I get it.  Honestly I do.

As a busy Mum of two, I have a daily battle with the above excuses but I find time to take at least one photograph every day because I know I will regret it if I don’t.  It is worth it when I create gems like this.  Here are just a few of my personal favourites when it comes to illustrating Victoria’s personality.  She certainly lives up to the meaning of her name – able to analyze, understand and learn.

It’s about the everyday things not just the big events!

Do you have children?  It is never too late to capture those special moments that happen every day. Celebrate key milestones and first experiences.  There are many milestone cards you can buy online that may be a good prompt for you.

Don’t have kids?  Document the many new things in life such as ski lessons,  a trip to a new bar, whatever!

Rather than just pulling your camera out for the significant events, I challenge you to take photographs on a more regular basis.

Remember, backing up those photographs and  removing them from phones and tablets is JUST as important.  Also, if you haven’t already read my blog on categorising photos , then take five minutes to read it now!

Three top tips from Inspired By Joseph Photography!

So, my top tips for remembering to take photographs are:

Firstly, find the time on a regular basis – just recall some of the brilliant photographs you have from the past to help!  Look past the excuses and take action now.

Furthermore, give yourself prompts to help remind you, such as milestone cards.

Finally, back up and print out your existing photographs to serve as a reminder of the power of photography.

I am here to help.

So, to conclude, what’s the biggest challenge you face taking photographs of you and your family?  Reply in the comments section below as I’d love to hear from you and promise to reply to all posts.



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