The best photo apps for Mum’s with no time

Does this happen to you?

Do you ever stare at one of your photos and say I wish I could make it better?  But then, just as soon as the thought enters your mind the kids are at your ankles or asking one of a million questions to you?  I know the feeling!  Follow this three step rule in less than five minutes and you will be onto better photos quicker than you can say ‘Mummy wants five minutes to herself!’

Get better at the photo in the first place!

Take a bit longer to get the photo right in the first place.  It can often only take a few extra seconds to stop and think through the shot or a few extra ‘clicks’ to absolutely ensure you’ve got the right photo so make that a priority.  Otherwise, take a look at my 5 top tips for taking better photos.

 Choose your apps wisely!

Consequently my job here isn’t to
tell you the best app to source as it purely depends on which ones work for you.
  What I will say though is I bet if you look on your phone right now, you have a few on there already.  I say start with the ones you have and perfect them rather than wasting time looking for new ones and working out how to use them.  If you still aren’t sure which ones to use, my top 3 useful apps could be just the trick!

Give yourself just 2 minutes to edit

Before you know it you have opened an app and spent ten minutes trying to create a perfect photo and are probably still not too pleased with the end result. It’s not needed!  I know if you limit yourself to just 2 minutes and do what you can in that time, it will create a difference!  Remaining focused and time constrained will have you working smarter, not harder!

It is that easy!

So, can you picture how easy it can be?  Get better at taking photos in the first pace, choose your apps wisely and give yourself just 2 minutes to edit.  I challenge you to not have a better photo
than you did before!

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