Why investing in professional photography could be a wise move in 2018

I love Birthday and Christmas time

Precious time with family and friends, gift and cards galore make for happy times. Time comes and goes so fast that such milestones are the pillars of the year that often hold family memories together. I’m lucky enough to often get cash as gifts and always place it in my special money box.  I like to make sure that I actually spend it on something that matters, as opposed to it getting sucked up paying for groceries or bills.

But sometimes I get it horribly wrong

Why? Research tells us that experiences outweigh any physical gift and leave a bigger and longer lasting mark. Just think about gifts you have received or money you have spent in the last twelve months and ask yourself if you are still using them? I’ll never forget I badgered my parents for a sewing machine a few years ago.  I am ashamed to say that I have only used it twice. The guilt and regret gets me every time I see it lying under a dust sheet in our spare room.

Is it time to do things different in 2018?

Instead of making those same mistakes again, think about my four reasons why spending money on family photography could be the best investment you make in 2018.

  1. It lasts and lasts for generations to come.

    A classic, well composed, high quality photo can sit on a mantelpiece for years. Outweighing any fad of a present, it is a piece of history that remains with your family forever.

  2. It’s an investment in you because you deserve it.

    Time passes so quickly that you deserve to take the time to appreciate your family for what it is just now. We all do it, complain, particularly when it comes to little ones, about how quickly they grow and develop. Creating a suite of photographs that document time standing still will ensure there is no regrets of “I wish I had taken that photo…..”  NOTE – Mums, I am talking directly to you as you are often your own worst enemy!

    A Mums Story. Take that photo!

  3. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

    If you choose an affordable photographer who provides excellent value for money which includes the digital images, you can use the images to create gifts for friends and family. Whether this be a thank you gift to the person who gave you the funds to buy the photos in the first place, to Mother’s and Father’s Day gift, the choice is yours! We are so lucky these days to be able to purchase everything from the usual frames to mugs, t shirts and phone covers.  Here is just one of the creative things my clients have done in the past!

  4. A photographer can take better, higher quality, creative photos which can include everyone in them!

    There is usually at least one person in every family who hates having their photograph taken but a good photographer will always ensure that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed. There’s no denying either that the quality of photographs taken by a professional photographer just can’t be replicated from an iPhone either.

    oldham family photographer

  5. Photographers can also work magic like this!

    Look carefully, how many things can you see that are different and take away distractions?  This takes time and skill to achieve!

Life’s too short for regrets. Don’t let a lack of family photographs be a regret in your life. Regardless, just make sure that, if nothing else, you spend your gift money wisely this year.

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Did Your #bestnine2017 Photos Have The Same Problem as Mine?

#my18in18 is going to look different!

I’ve purposeful held back from posting this for the first few days of 2018. Assuming you have been swamped by stories of how to save money, lose weight, write goals, sleep more, give up alcohol and then some, it all just becomes wallpaper, right? If you don’t start bang on New Years Day, is it even worth doing?? I beg to differ.

Peeking into the lives of others on New Years Eve was addictive

Floods of social media feeds were filled with #bestnine2017 grids on the last day of the year. Peeking into the highlights of other people became addictive as I marveled in seeing nine squares of joy, happiness and love. Weddings, new borns, holidays, significant milestones, the lot! As an authentic family photographer from Saddleworth, Oldham, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing photos illustrate the finest stories of a person’s year. However, it struck me how most grids created by females, on the whole, had one type of photo missing. Photos of themselves. Just them. No one else; just them.

Last year, I blogged about my Mum Story. I talked about how I want to empower Mums to take personal responsibility for realising the benefits of being in more photos with their children on a continuous basis. It bugs me that most Mum’s don’t get in enough photos and I am still on a mission to stop this for the sake of our children. And it shouldn’t be up to the Dads either, don’t get me started!

A Mums Story. Take that photo!

It was definitely telling me something!

There seemed a definite connection to this too. Unintentionally my grid was the same! Ashamedly, four years to the date, I’ve taken a photograph of my families life every day yet individual photos of me, whether selfies or not, rarely appear. And that’s coming from a photographer! Consequently, I’m always too busy taking photos of others to focus on me.

There seemed a definite connection to this too. Unintentionally my grid was the same! Ashamedly, four years to the date, I've taken a photograph of my families life every day yet individual photos of me, whether selfies or not, rarely appear. And that's coming from a photographer! Consequently, I'm always too busy taking photos of others to focus on me.2018 is going to be my year!

Needless to say, this is going to be a focus for 2018. Why? Purely because I deserve to have a few half decent photos of me. Just me being me rather than mother, wife, sister, daughter or friend. Photos that I can look back on and think “yes, that small slice of my chaotic world is reserved just for me”. Whether it be a moment of tranquility once the kids go to bed, or a rare time reserved without the kids (like the below!) then bring it on I say!

#my18in18 is going to look different!

Going public commits action

Sharing a goal publicly will spur me on. Committing to just 18 authentic photos of me being me, all on my own will give me the opportunity, if I wish, to produce two #bestnine2018 grids just of me! Simply put, it’s just one photo every 20 days. Realistically it’s going to be a bit more fluid than that but it’s achievable when it’s broken down isn’t it? Time consuming it won’t be, easy and focused it will. I can’t wait to get started!

Care to join me?

Inspiration is part of my DNA (after all it was my first born, Joseph, who inspired me to set up my own business, Inspired By Joseph Photography) so if you would like to get involved use #my18in18 on Facebook or Instagram. I’ll be your cheerleader cheering you on as we travel this journey together. Come on ladies (and gents!), do this one small and achievable thing for you this year…

Get involved and share your commitment via my Facebook or Instagram page.

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