Stockport photography – The McHugh family

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the McHugh family last week.  I seem to have fallen into photographing more boys than girls right now so it was lovely to see dresses and teddy bears galore!

Alice was asleep when I arrived so I got the chance to take some pictures of Mum and Dad (we all know that we NEVER get photos of each other any more with children in our lives, not like the old days!).

Mike and Beccy with the Christmas tree at home

I got some great photographs of the McHughs on a blanket made by Grandma – which in itself is a lovely treasure.  Coupled with some photographs reading Alice in Wonderland, it was all very apt and provides some great stories and memories to share with Alice and wider friends and family for years to come.  It also reminded me that’s exactly why baby number 2 is on it’s way for me (I found myself very broody when I got to cuddle Alice!!)

Alice amongst her teddy bears - and Mummy and Daddy of course!


How very apt - Alice with one of her favourite books, Alice in Wonderland!

We ventured outdoors as the rain had stopped and headed to Fred Perry Park, Stockport.  I got some fabulous photographs amongst the trees and Alice seemed to love getting involved – I think she was the warmest of us all in her outfit!  I love the outdoor shots, there is something about the colours even in winter!

The McHughs at Fred Perry Park, Stockport

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