St George’s Hall, Liverpool and photographing a beautiful teenager called Gemma

I’ve taken advantage of the recent sunny weather and took my beautiful God daughter Gemma to have some fun, giggle and capture the true essence of her personality.  Gemma is a lively and energetic teenager with a real passion for life.  Her flexibility is something I could only ever wish for!

Gemmas_day_19092015_05 Gemmas_day_19092015_12

Part of Liverpool’s Word Heritage Site and classed as one of the finest neo-classical building in the world, St George’s Hall is one of the most iconic buildings in the city.  I love the rumour that the gardens were to form an impressive frontage to St Georges Hall and that the Hall was actually built the wrong way round – I can see how that may have been the case!

We had fun exploring!  Gemma loved the flexibility of running around letting off steam and even jumping up on a lampost!  The impressive statues in the garden provided a great place to stretch those legs.  We had a giggle as passers by stopped to watch us!  There was also time to reflect and enjoy the amazing scenery.  Gemma’s confidence and attitude to life really shows through the photos.

I know that Gemma and Mum loved the time we spent together but more importantly the photographs captured.  Mum had no reason to worry about behaviour – we had a great time and I have lots of patience! Gemma now has some great images to display proudly on her social media streams and Mum is having trouble narrowing down which ones to frame!

Gemmas_day_19092015_29a Gemmas_day_19092015_27 Gemmas_day_19092015_20a



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PS – If you have never visited St Georges Hall, it is a definite must!  We will be taking Joseph at Christmas for the famous Santa’s Magical Grotto (£8 for two adults and one child) which this year will be transformed into Narnia!

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  1. Amazing photos! Such a talented photographer, Gemma an I thurly enjoyed the day,felt very comfortable an so happy wiv the outcome of the picture! Highly recommended x

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