6 tips for the perfect Christmas selfie‏

Why does it take soooo long to get the perfect shot?

How come it takes so many takes?  Why don’t I look like I do in real life?

I’m sure over the festive period capturing special memories will be high on the agenda, especially with family dos and on New Years Eve.  Selfies are massively underestimated whilst inflated as being quite egotistical but I love them and wouldn’t be without them!  Whilst most people just point and shoot without any real thought, there are a few things you can do to make that selfie even better – and means you only need to have one go at the shot instead of the usual three, four, five…. leaving you time to get back on with the party!

selfie from Inspired By Joseph

Inspired By Joseph has 6 top tips for creating the perfect Christmas selfie

1.  At this time of year, dim the lights – you don’t need the harshness of bright artificial lights and certainly not with lights pointing directly at you.  Use what natural light you can, like standing near to a window.  Remember, you can move yourself and shuffle on the spot til you get it right.

2.  Step back, you don’t need to be so close!  Use a selfie stick for a more flattering angle, especially if there is a large group of you.  Most of us have one, it’s just tucked away in that bottom draw so get it out and into your bag!  Or download an app such as Cam Me which allows you to step back for body shots or include more people in the photograph.

3.  Want to avoid shadows and double chins? Turn your phone to a 45 degree angle first.

4.  Try using two hands instead of one.  Using two hands can be easier because you can hold the camera with one hand and push the shutter release button with the other, just watch where you put your fingers!  It does take a bit of practice but it can work!


5. Look online for some great selfie examples and get creative.  For example, selfies of feet, event backgrounds and a small part of the body are all popular – it doesn’t have to be your face!


6.  Relax and don’t take it too seriously – trust me, it shows through on the photos!  Oh, and rememebr to keep a selfie stick close to hand (I leave mine in my bag) so it is there for when you need it!


Have fun experimenting!

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