What I learned after my latest engagement photography session…

What I learned after my latest Saddleworth Tameside engagement photo session…

First, I turned back the clock.

Looking back, I remember my own engagement session back in 2010 with utter fondness.  At the time, I wasn’t even sure that we needed one given that we had our wedding just a few months away.  In reality, I wasn’t aware of many other people who had experienced one either.  I wondered why our photographers had offered us the opportunity to have one.  Boy, am I glad we did.

Then I thought about how I felt now.

Now I’m a busy mum of two with a life that has been transformed since then, I now look back on these photos with a heart warming glow.  Minus the cliches, it reminds me of the carefree woman I was.  I had little responsibility and more time on my hands than I ever appreciated, despite how busy I used to think I was!

This was me just after Jonny proposed to me!  We look like spring chickens compared to now!

Then I got all excited!

So when I was approached by a lovely lady called Harriet to document her engagement, I wanted to give it my all.  I wanted her to look back on her photos with happiness however and whenever her life changes in the future. Getting engaged is such a life changing moment and I was so glad that Harriet and Ben wanted me to document this special occasion.  As I always say, once that time has gone, it’s gone and you cannot authentically recreate this feelings and emotions later on.

Blessed with locations

Harriet and Ben chose the beautiful Dove Stone reservoir as a location.  I’ve said it before and I shall say it again. I feel truly blessed to live where we live.  The setting is breathtaking and if you get there at the right time of day, you can pretty much have a section of the reservoir to yourselves.  Coupled with Harriet and Ben being super chilled and ready to just be themselves, we achieved some fabulous photos.

The session flew by!

In reality, couples often hate having photographs taken (particularly men, which you can read about here) but Harriet and Ben took it all in their stride.  With just a bit of guidance from me, they did a fantastic job! Ironic as it may sound, my style of photographing is not to tell my clients how to pose or behave.  After all, that won’t make for authentic photos!  With a bit of warming up and time together, I can’t believe how quickly the session went and the wide range of photos I delivered.  It flew by!

Partly because I love to chat!

We chatted about a huge array of things.  This included me giving them my two pennies on how some suppliers like to add a few zeros to anything with wedding in the title.  I explained how you can avoid this due to my previous experience in events in a previous life!  Equally, I was so pleased to capture a few intricate moments that I believe, despite only just meeting the couple, illustrate the love they feel for each other at this special time.

Job done.

The one thing I always say to my clients is that as long as you have one or two photos that you love and could hang on your walls at home, my job is done.  However, it’s even better when you find out they can’t narrow down their favourites as they have too many.

Harriet and Ben, you guys were fab,  thank you for letting me photograph your engagement!

Ps – I also learned a valuable lesson about my mobile phone during this shoot.  You can read all about it here and I’d love to hear what you think about it!

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