Why I just LOVE my clients so much all year, not just on Valentine’s Day!

Picture the scene

It’s 10am on a Sunday morning and it’s significantly quieter than normal.  Furthermore, it’s cold.  And I mean cold.  Even with three layers head to toe it is freezing.  In fact, the wind is knocking us for six and we can’t see directly ahead of us due to the snow battering down.  It is bitter.

Welcome to my Valentine’s Day mini session with Tanya and Darren.

It’s all about mindset

Tanya decided to surprise Darren with a Valentine’s Day present with a difference, a mini session with me.  Now, some people may have looked out of the window that morning and said ‘Let’s rearrange for when the weather is better’.

Not Tanya.

Instead, we hiked up Dove Stone Reservoir, National Park in Saddleworth, Oldham.  We found a semi sheltered spot and quickly but efficiently captured a range of photographs that capture the essence and spirit of Tanya and Darren’s marriage.  In reality, we had fun, despite the weather and I am sure that you will agree that this shows through in bucket loads in the photographs.  (Plus, do you like the way I got a cheeky shot with baby Ivan in the background!!)

What does this show?

The point of this blog is to illustrate one point. How amazing my clients are.  In other words, Tanya and Darren are typical of the majority of my clients.  They rock.  Moreover, they embrace life and aren’t afraid to do something different.  They are authentic and want that to show through on their photographs.  In other words, they aren’t afraid to try new things and in Darren’s case aren’t taken aback by surprises (he didn’t know about the shoot until he arrived!)  At the same time, they look for the alternatives in life – how much cooler is a photo shoot as a gift than the usual flowers, chocolates or meal, blah blah blah!

I asked Tanya why she went for a photo shoot as a Valentine’s Gift this year and this is what she said…

Photographs mean the world to me as a way to capture and document our life as a family. I wanted to do something different for my husband that would give us a bit of time together and provide lasting memories, so a valentines photo shoot was perfect! We were also able to capture the beauty of our surroundings too. The photos will provide some fun memories for us, especially as it snowed and was freezing, providing those ‘remember when…’ moments traditional presents just don’t provide. Photos last forever.

Thank you Tanya and Darren for being absolute troopers.

Valentines Day at Dove Stone Reservoir, Saddleworth, Oldham

If you fancy a photo session with me, especially if it’s in the beautiful Oldham countryside, get in touch and we can chat about what would suit you best.

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