You can’t beat the simplicity of brotherly love

I love seeing tiny people grow

Come on, put your hand up if you have been meaning to update your photos for a while now?  As a Saddleworth photographer I hear this a lot.  Especially at this time of year when recent and up to date photos can be turned into a hundred and one different types of photos and cover a multitude of gifts in one go.  Cue organised Debbie who planned ahead and arranged a gorgeous session with her beautiful boys Raphael and Xavier.

We had so much fun

Yes you might think it sounds cheesy but the best bit of my job is going on adventures with my clients.  Consequently, I never have a set agenda and take my lead from the kids.  I even tell them that they are in charge!

So we started off having an explore along the Delph Donkey, greeting a new dog and dog walker every five or so minutes.  Coupled with trawling through long grass and climbing the embankment to see what we could see, it was brill.  We climbed fences to see what we could see and introduced pumpkins when we could.

Consequently, the leaf throwing began which is always a highlight, especially when  it is nice and dry!  However, I just squealed inside when the woolly hats came out and I managed to get some lovely photos of two gorgeous brothers.

You can’t beat a bit of tree shaking

My personal highlight was tree shaking which was just magical.  It proves that the simplest of things, more often than not outdoor, are the things that really make kids smile.  Oh and a bit of tug of war with a large stick too!

My Mum Story is always top of mind

If you are a regular visitor to my page, you will know I am passionate about Mum’s getting in more photos AND having more photos on their own so I was pleased to capture Debbie looking so amazing!

Another memorable autumn session – I just wish we had a longer autumn!!

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