Another Joseph to photograph makes my day!

Saddleworth family photographer enjoys photographing another Joseph!! Of course I am going to biased.

So a lovely local Mum who was looking for a Saddleworth family photographer contacted me to arrange a newborn session.  Always a winner and savvy parent in my eyes!  Consequently when I found out that their eldest son is called Joseph, I knew I was going to be a little bit biased!  Just in case you didn’t know the background to my business name, my eldest is called Joseph.  He is the inspiration behind me quitting the life I used to lead to create the more purposeful and happy life that I now lead.

Enjoyably, last week I had the pleasure of capturing the family together enjoying life at home.  As a Mum of two, I know what those first few weeks of life are like when baby number two comes into the world.  How will the eldest child react?  Can I go back to sleepless nights again?  What about when my other half goes back to work??  Overlay that with questioning how on earth I can bring a photographer I have never met before into my house to create a suite of photographs that can sit on my living room wall and it’s enough to make anyone go dizzy!

Children are the reason I set up my business!

If I had a pound for every time a Mum considered the above, my two kids could buy more Thomas & Friends and Peppa Pig than I could find a home for!  When I say I empathise with you, I absolutely do. Furthermore, kids are always on top form once we get to know each other and we have fun.  Joseph was no different and did such a great job helping Mummy and Daddy as well as giving baby Thea numerous brotherly cuddles.  He was an absolute star!

So, Thea.  Well, what can I say?? Beautifully thick dark hair instantly made me smile.  I love a baby who is brought into this world with a masses of hair, there is just something really endearing about it.  Then there’s that look….

Thea was super alert and just looked like she was talking it all in her stride.  In reality it was like she has been on this planet way longer than her years!  Then there is that newborn dry skin that brings back so many find memories of those first few weeks with a newborn baby.  If only a photograph could capture that newborn smell….

But Mum and Dad are important too!

Consequently at family sessions, I always make sure that I create photos of just Mamma and Daddy together. It’s vital I mean, whenever would you create the opportunity for a photo of just the two of you otherwise?  I love the laughter that enveloped this part of the session.

Beth, Andy, Joseph and Thea, to say you brightened up a wet and miserable Saturday afternoon is an understatement.  the pleasure was all mine!!

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