Reason 4/12:  It’s not just about the photography….

Reason 4/12:  It’s not just about the photography….

Photography is subjective.  Photography is personal.  Photography is emotional.

So I wanted to share with you one of the twelve reasons why I believe that my clients have given me the absolute privilege and honour of documenting them and their loved ones across the Oldham Tameside area and beyond.  Whether it be a cake smash, family session, wedding or baby bump adventure, I love them all!

Specifically, when it comes to wedding photography…

When it comes to wedding photography there are thousands of photographers to choose from, each with their own unique style, way of working and of course, price list.  Thorough research is an absolute must to ensure that you choose a photographer who floats your boat and you can imagine being their on your wedding day.

It really is about more than photography!

When I have a chat with couples who are looking to find the perfect photographer, one of the things I talk about is how I’m not just a photographer! With over thirteen years marketing experience, I have tonnes of experience that is of value to clients.  I’ve run tonnes of events from opening new Halifax branches, to organising conferences for hundreds of people and celebrating inaugural flights from Manchester Airport.  As a result, this brings a shed load of hints and tips to become creative and of course, keep costs down for events such as weddings!  It’s simply amazing what can create a real impact on a small budget, which is a bonus so that money can stretch to other elements of a wedding.

Can I share a story with you?

I love to listen at length to understand how clients envisage their wedding day to be.  Not only does it help me to start to think creatively from a photography perspective but it also gives me the opportunity to ask questions and recall if there is anything with my marketing head on that I can do to add value.  So when I was chatting to Suzie about her upcoming, overseas wedding and we got talking about flowers, I wondered if I could help.

Suzie explained that there was an option for her to select a fresh flowered bouquet but that she loved the idea of a brooch bouquet.  I watched as her eyes lit up and she explained how she always fancied the idea of creating one, using brooches from special females in her life.  We spent a while talking through how this may work, she illustrated her ideas with a few pins on Pinterest and I talked about some great places that I imagined she could source some of the items she would need to create the bouquet.

In the run up to the wedding, this bouquet became the golden thread of her wedding for me.  I’d often text to check how it was going and even lent her my glue gun to create her personalised and ever so beautiful bouquet.  I loved watching it develop and on the day of the wedding, even spent time fixing a few of the pins to ensure it was perfect with her sister.  See, I make it my mission to go above and beyond in whatever way I can, not just when it comes down to the photography.

And just look at the end result…

An absolutely stunningly beautiful bouquet that she can keep for a lifetime.  Bursting with brooches and memories of special women in her life, my heart still skips a bit when a picture pops up on screen.  And of course, I absolutely adored photographing it with all of the love, history and dedication that went into it.

Reason 4/12:  it’s not just about the photography…


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