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As an Oldham family photographer, the Inspired By Joseph experience will leave you feeling fabulous, confident and super happy!  Why?  Children are my expertise

Working from the comfort of your own home or in outside area you love

I don’t so studios, it’s just not me. As an Oldham family photographer, working in an environment that you are familiar with makes for natural and emotional photos.  Plus, no studio costs mean lower prices for you.  Smart. Oh and I don’t time my sessions either and for family sessions offer parents to change the time on the day.  Why?  Because I know how hard it can be after an night when the kids haven’t  had a good night’s sleep and I’m just nice like that ;) Newborn photography at home

All edited, digital photos are yours to keep

Go share them far and wide once you have picked your favourites!  Rather than charging per print, this allows you the freedom to create your own canvases, cards, mugs or phone cases galore.  You are welcome! Lifestyle family photography from Inspired By Joseph

Homework makes for a better experience

Before our session, I will share tonnes of resources to help you prepare and will get to know your requirements and expectations ahead of time.  This ensures that we make the most of our time together and create a collection of photographs which show the real you. Making memories - the Inspired By Joseph way!

My close up, light and airy style makes me happy

You can see my style right before you.  I like to get up close and personal and use the light to bring my images to life.  Raw, emotional and natural photos are at the heart of Inspired By Joseph. In home photography from Oldham photographer

Children are my expertise

I have a knack with kids, all kids.  I just do!  I have a 'bag of tricks' to make our time together such an adventure for kids of all ages.  Of course, I am CRB checked too so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Newborn photographer near me - Inspired By Joseph

My prices are transparent and fixed, so there is nothing else to pay for so you can be clear on budgets from the start. 

Most photography sessions are based on a fixed price which includes: A digital guide sent to you before the session to help you prepare (for example my style guide and tips to be confident in front of the camera) A getting to know you call or short survey by email so that I can make sure I can understand your needs, prepare and make sure we get the most from our time together An untimed fun and relaxed photography session!  I will have a few nice surprises for you for on the day! My time spent editing the best images and making them just right for you to view them from a secure, password protected website.  You can then download them and use them as you wish.  My clients usually make photo books, canvases, even mugs and phone covers! A donation to 52 Lives, Inspired By Joseph's chosen charity.
Cake smash sessions start from £99 and get in touch if you want to inquire about weddings as I may not be as expensive as you might think!. For bookings made midweek, I have significant offers available.  See it as my way of saying thank you for helping to reduce the amount of weekends I work so I have more time with my family.   Contact me for further information. From time to time, special offers are posted on my Facebook page.

Getting married?

I'm the Oldham wedding photographer for couples with children – cos I am a Mum too!!

Wedding photographer for couples with young children - Oldham photographer When I got married, Joseph and Victoria, my two kids, were just future dreams. We were younger, carefree and always busy (what the hell, I cannot believe I used to complain).  Now, as an Oldham wedding photographer for couples with children, things are very different! I know if I think back to the type of wedding I had, versus the type of wedding I would have now that I am a Mum, let me tell you, it would be SO different. I know that the focus would be on the kids just as much, if not more, than us as a couple. Activities for children, varied menus and thinking about when the kids would sleep would be top of the agenda for sure! Consequently, I know that the photographs that would document our amazing day would be so different.  Why me?

I love of working with children

I’m like the Pied Piper when it comes to kids, they just tend to follow me! I’m always goofing around and can hold their interest through my bag of tricks that I bring to every wedding. I have even been thanked for letting parents finish their puddings in peace, you know at that time of the meal when all kids have had enough! Oh and I am CRB checked too. wedding photography for couples with kids in Greater Manchester

Consciously putting the kids at the centre of the day

Yes, obviously the bride and groom come first but the kids are a close second. I work with clients beforehand to *really* get to know the children. I offer a pre wedding family session too, see it as a dress rehearsal for the kids before the big day. In reality, I know that parents want small children to sleep before a wedding, the day flies by so having these photos created beforehand (which to be fair, no one needs to know when they were taken) can be super useful. I have a ton of ways to involve them in the day (and the other small people at the wedding too!) making them feel super special and important, so you can rest assured that you can spend that energy on just the two of you. wedding photography for couples with kids in Greater Manchester

Documenting the day by shooting what is ‘actually’ happening

I know that when a bride and groom have children, it can be difficult to get those staged group photos, after all, what kids want to pose for pictures and be bored! For some couples looking for an Oldham wedding photographer, they know that they might not get that ‘perfectly staged’ photo because they know that that’s not what it is about. I get it. Capturing a child spilling chocolate cake all down their front or playing batman across the dance floor is PERFECT in my eyes! Oh, and I try to get as many unstaged family photos of your guests too, I mean, how often is a whole family dressed to the nines and looking so flippin fab? wedding photography for couples with kids in Greater Manchester

Being more than just a photographer

Before I became a photographer, I had a very successful career in marketing. In that time I have run more events, new branch openings for Halifax banks and saw more airlines launch more new routes from Manchester Airport than I can remember! I always try to share this knowledge with clients to help keep wedding costs down whilst still being creative.  Then on the day, I basically just get stuck in with whatever needs to be fetched or moved or done because I know that sometimes, that is more important. wedding photography for couples with kids in Greater Manchester I know that this won’t resonate with everyone, it’s not meant to. But if it resonates with you, I would love to chat about your day and find out more about the children who take centre stage in your world. Once I know more about your day I can advise of costs as each wedding is so different. All I can say is that I KNOW I am excellent value for money and I will always try to work to your budget. Greater Manchester Wedding photographer for couples with kids
Mother and father of the bride get a first glimpse of their daughter ready to walk yup the aisle

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