TRUTH: A photo mount makes or breaks a photo for me!

My fascination with the photo mount!

Ever since I began putting photos in frames as a teenager, my Dad always drilled it into me to make sure I mount them first, as opposed to just placing them straight into a frame.

What’s the point?

You might think that the main reason for using a mount is to protect the photo but it goes way beyond that.  In reality, it’s a make or break decision for me as it can really enhance and compliment the photo at hand.  In other words it helps to create an image which stands out and looks better overall.  Not sure what I mean, just take a look below and make your own decision….

photo mount

The beauty of mounts

Like most people, because I am tight on time I try to buy my photo frames with a mount already included but it is easy to source them either online or in a local photography shop.  In fact, the beauty of mounts too is that you don’t have to go for just the bog standard white version there are loads of colours to choose.  For example, if you are close to a Hobbycraft, they have a great range!

Which colour to choose?

The majority of frames come in pretty neutral colours but if your photo requires something a bit brighter, it can be done.  For this reason, the best way to choose the colour of the mount is to consider the following:

With colour photos I usually stick with a main colour in the photo and pick a similar shade to compliment.

For black and white photos I would tend to stick with black, white or grey to compliment the colours in the photo.

In both instances, why not hold your photo up to a number of different colours and decide which one is more visually appealing? Ask for a second opinion too if you aren’t sure but always remember that photography (and mount colours!) are all subjective!

A note of caution!

How often do you purchase a frame you like and buy it without thinking of the size and more importantly how a mount then reduces the size?  I used to always be guilty of this so my advice would be to print the photo first and then select the frame!

After reading this post, I hope you see the benefits of mounts and that it inspires you to get cracking!  If you have any questions, simply comment below…


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