The embarrassing thing about having photographs taken outdoors direct from an Oldham family photographer!

Does the thought of being photographed outdoors bring you out in a cold sweat?

Being an Oldham family photographer who focuses on authentic photographs of families being families, a lot of my work takes place outside.  As a Mum myself, I know that being outdoors is often a priority for parents so naturally my photography follows the same pattern.  Kids love playing, running, cycling and the like to their hearts content without a care in the world yet it can’t always be said that it is the same for parents.


I get it, honestly I do!

I know from experience and insight from prospective and current clients that people can feel quite embarrassed about having their photographs taken outdoors. I get it, I promise you, I do.  There can be loads of numerous things whizzing around your head such as:

  • People will look and say oooo look at them!
  • Oh, I couldn’t do that!
  • Everyone will be staring at us!
  • This is just plain embarrassing!
  • I can’t be myself with people watching me!
  • I don’t fancy an audience peeking into our family time together!

Can I let you into a secret?

The only embarrassing point about having photographs taken outdoors is nothing! Seriously, there is nothing to it and let me tell you why.  People are more interested in what they are doing themselves in their own lives with little time or capacity to do anything other than focus on their own life, challenges, to do lists etc.  Most would not even notice that you were in the middle of a photo shoot.  Consequently, those that might look do so wishing that they had the courage or ability to document their own lives in a similar way.  Then in a heartbeat, once again you would be forgotten as they carried on with their own lives.

rachel out and about mummy

Let me ask you the reverse.

Have you ever been out and about and noticed a family having their photograph taken.  Did you stop and stare, pull up a chair and chomp at the popcorn for half an hour?  I imagine not!

So, don’t let the thought of outdoor family photography put you off.  If you don’t believe me, all of these clients can’t be wrong!

Do you agree? I would love to hear so leave me a reply below….

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