I love a November family photography session at Alexandra Park, Oldham

I love a November family photography session at Alexandra Park, Oldham

I recall moving to Oldham and the signposts for Alexandra Park just passing me by, like so many things in life.  Consequently, it wasn’t until Joseph, then Victoria came along and I left the corporate world to become an Oldham family photographer that I became such a frequent visitor.  Alexandra Park has so much to offer children and grown ups alike.  You have the usual, obligatory duck pond and children’s play area (complete with sand pit) but also a beautiful conservatory, Chinese building and garden, fountain area, band stand, bowling green, fabulous little Cafe and much, much more.

One of my favourite places

As a result, Alexandra Park is one of my favourite outdoor locations so when Jess, Andrew and Rose agreed to have their session there, I was super pleased!  Having photographed my summer challenge winner, Faye, at the same location a few weeks back, I looked forward to it all week as I worked through my favourite areas of the park to visit.

You can never have enough family photos

It’s very rare I meet a family who say they have enough family photos on display in their homes so for all of my sessions, I always guarantee that by the end they will have at least a handful that they love.  Specifically, one that makes their heart beat a little faster and make them smile as they reminisce on this particular time in their life.

In fact, when I’m working with families with small children, I always go out of my way to get a photo of just Mum and Dad.  Likewise, I know from experience that, when children come along, couple photos just never happen.  With so many things, they just get put to the bottom of the pile.  So, I was very pleased to capture a few special moments between Jess and Andrew which I am sure you will agree show a couple who look super happy and content in each other’s company.

oldham family photographer

I just love my job!

My clients know that I love a challenge! More often than you might think, I get parents apologising, warning me in advance and basically highlighting how difficult it might be for me to get photos of their children looking happy, smiley, laughing, you name it.  In fact, so much so that I actually wrote a blog on the subject to help parents take better photos of their children in their own time.

In keeping with the theme, I was told it would be no different with Rose.  Subsequently, yes it did take time to get used to the camera (and me!) as it does with most children but as none of my sessions are timed and are always led by the children, never the adults, things turned out just fine.  I particularly like this photograph which, I’m not going to lie, followed a bit of bribery from Mum with a pack of cheddars.  I say no more! What I love about that is that this photo will always be the cheddars one.  Happy days!

oldham family photographer

Jess, Andrew and Rose, I had so much fun with you guys and can’t believe how many photographs together we captured in such a small amount of time.  You guys rock!


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