My first family session with twins was just delightful

It’s nice to be nice!

If you have never heard of Out and About Mummy, it’s a good place to start!  Rachel is an Oldham Mum of three who loves being busy and is great at sharing  things to do locally.  Many a time I have found something on her Facebook page or website that has been interesting to me, or more so, the kids.  Rachel has also written a  piece for My Mum Story which is a great read.  Bearing all of that in mind, I wanted to say thanks to a local Mum who does a LOT to help others.

Off for a family session we went!

I’m putting it out there, we all know how hard it is to photograph children.  Luckily I have a range of skills and techniques which help me bring out the absolute best in children.  Joshua, the eldest took charge and was a great help throughout.  Oscar and Isla both did a fab job too and, considering their age, got involved and participated throughout.  Early doors I was able to capture some gorgeous Mum and daughter moments, whilst wishing that they made Isla’s shoes in my size!   The same applied to Dad and Joshua too, just take a look!

mum and daughter time

flower girl

mum and daughter time

baby girl shoes

dad and son love

Authentic photography is at the heart of what I do!

The entire family had so much fun during our time together.  Whether they were daisy chain making, running around or plain simply having fun, I was able to capture all of those intricate moments.  I mean, come on, how happy do they all look??

rachel out and about mummy
rachel out and about mummy

rachel out and about mummy

The children were such a great help

Parents always worry about how the children will be on a session but I always say there is nothing to worry about.  Joshua, Isla and Oscar were all amazing.  Check out one of my favourite images of the day, Joshua carrying my reflector!

It’s all about the feedback!

Whilst, 100% of the time, my clients tell me that they love my work, what I love more than anything is when I hear clients friends and family say things like this:

Quite possibly the most beautiful family photos I have seen…really captured the Evans family and what they are all about….beautiful x

Rachel was also kind enough to share her thoughts on the Inspired By Joseph experience which made me smile and smile some more….

People think it’s REALLY difficult to get photographs like this but trust me, with me, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!

If you want to know more, check out my collections here.

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