The Awesome Orsons Spring Wedding from an Oldham family wedding photographer

Everything is Awesome!

I’ve known Keith and Chrissys for almost five years now as both friends and clients.  Firstly, I’ve been honoured to serve them as a photographer four times before.   Secondly,  documenting their very special wedding day which was an absolute privilege.  Therefore, I was extremely nervous with the extra pressure of this fantastic couple also being very good friends!

Such a solid couple!

Subsequently. less than a year ago and I remember scrolling through Facebook and seeing Chrissy was ‘interested’ in a local wedding fair.  After that, I Whatsapped her and said ‘Er, are you two thinking of getting married?!?!?’ As a result, she ever so casually  replied ‘Yeah, we’ve booked a venue so it’s time to sort everything else out!’ Consequently, I was so pleased to hear their news. In other words, Chrissy and Keith are one of the most solid and down to earth couples I know and the thought of them formalising this through the joy of marriage really did make me smile.

Following that, fast forward a few months and Chrissy (with some help from Keith of course!) did a fantastic job of organising the day.  Evidently, meticulous with her planning and to do list was key.  Shopping local and supporting local businesses and involving many of her friends and family in many elements of the day was a joy to see.  Moreover, I recall organising my wedding before I had kids and thinking I had it tough bit now I have the upmost respect for brides who manage to do so whilst working, looking after kids and then some!

Consequently, I had the BEST day ever!

In other words, celebrating Keith and Chrissys day absolutely flew by!  During the gorgeously sunny day (but a bit chilly!) in West Yorkshire came and went in a heartbeat.  Above all, their two beautiful children were a true pleasure to photograph and we had so much fun.   To summarise, the ceremony was perfect, the setting relaxed and the people all good fun who didn’t mind being bossed about by me!  Consequently, even their dog, Jenson, made an appearance and was on his best behaviour.  I mean just look at their faces… true love and happiness….

In conclusion, Keith and Chrissy, I wish you a lifetime of happiness as you celebrate your first few months of married life and thank you for letting me serve you on your very special day.


Wedding ring Oldham photographer


Helpful Mum and Oldham photographer Helpful Mum and Oldham photographer Helpful Mum and Oldham photographer

Saddleworth wedding photographer


Saddleworth wedding photographer

Saddleworth wedding photographer

Saddleworth wedding photographer

The Creative team included:

Adele Howarth Winstanley Bride

The Bobby Pin

Beauty Bespoke Middleton

Siobhan Northfield Cosmetic make up artistry

The Edge Hair and Beauty

LA Florist

The Fleece Countryside Inn

The Deeds Music 

The Cheese Hamlet

Bake & Roast


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