A winters walk and all things baby carriers in Tandle Hill, Oldham

A winters walk and all things baby carriers in Tandle Hill, Oldham family photography

Last year, I had the pleasure of blogging my first baby bump shoot with Christine, Keith and Sam.  Christine was dedicated to documenting her second born, the lovely little Lauren, right from the beginning.  As such, it was an absolute pleasure to follow the family around Tandle Hill.  Christine and Keith are huge fans of displaying up to date photos around their house which is fabulous!  In reality, a family who enjoy the great outdoors, you could, if the truth be told, get a real sense of their playfulness and adventurousness.

Winter really is a tremendous time of year for family photographs

Many people think winter time (yes, that’s right December!) is not the most appropriate time for outdoor photography.  However, I am sure that you will agree the colours and the weather were very kind to us.  As long as you are dressed for the weather as my Mum always says….

Lauren is such a cutie pie!  Her smile is infectious and you wouldn’t believe that she had kept Mum and Dad up for the majority of the previous night!  I adore how she would always be staring straight through the camera lens, right when the rest of the family was preoccupied looking the other way.


We even had time for a bit of on-the-job training!

At the same time, Sam took a genuine interest in my efforts and assisted not only to direct this particular image below but to capture this exact photo too!  If I can inspire the next generation, so be it!  Fantastic job Sam, your first photograph published!


Double baby carrier time!

My favourite part of the session was unquestionably the double baby carrier challenge!  Both Christine and Keith are huge fans of baby carriers (as am I!) so it was a delight to document this.  Surprisingly, when you are carrying a child it is often challenging to see their expressions so this was a perfect opportunity to record this!  Keith was a star and managed to carry both Sam and Lauren at the same time.  Proud Dad moment!  He actually made it look really easy to do too.

When clients come back again and again for more photos, I am able to replicate previous pictures and show progress.  Check this one out!

It is always so much fun to be outdoors with you guys.  There is never a dull moment and the love you all have for each other is clear to see!  Here’s to the next time we meet….

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