Oldham family photographer helps you to take better photos of your own children too!

I love being a helpful Mum and Oldham photographer for families who want to preserve memories before they fade.  I want to serve clients and go way beyond just taking photos.  So, what not take a look at my favourite five blog posts when it comes to children which could inspire you when it comes to taking photos of your own family?

Blog one:  How to photograph the child who doesn't like to be photographed.

We've all been there.  At some point, we want to capture a social moment but our little ones have other ideas!  Read this to see showman practical tips which could help you.  If you fancy booking a family session with me, I promise I have loads of things up my sleeve.  I can make any child get in "that" photo - guaranteed! ;)

Blog two:  Five super quick tips for taking amazing photos of your little ones birthday 

It's really easy to be that focuses on the running of the party that you forget to document the day with a range of photographs over the day.  A few reminders here could be just the trick ;)   Blog three:  Have a bit of fun with my top six household props to add to your family photos Getting into a photo rut is really easy.  Adding a row simple props that are already to hand can transform a photo from OK to wow!

Blog four:  Three top tips to get your kids loving photography

If your little one is creative or just fancy a bit of extra peace and quiet (who doesn't?!?) then my three tips are easy to implement for children of all ages!

Blog five:  The best photo apps for Mums with no time

Do you wish that your photos just looked better?  Take a look at this, get inspired and make a difference to your photos. What are your frustrations when it comes to taking photos of your family? Reply below and who knows, I may even be able to help!

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