Welcome baby Isla to the world, you and your new ‘friends’ are going to love it!

A newborn session in the eyes of an Oldham photographer

When I arrived at Clare and Chris’ house the first discussion we had was to work out was how many weeks prior we had met.  Rewind back six weeks and as we enjoyed a maternity  photo session at Alexandra Park in Oldham.  I recalled calling them Mummy and Daddy and explaining that, in fact, it     wouldn’t be long until that was a reality!

oldham baby photographer

Meeting a new baby for the first time is always delightful as the last

Baby Isla was no different.  Finishing her milk and demonstrating that milk drunk look that is oh so familiar to most of us.  Instantly I recalled my days as a new mum and smiled.  Observing a mum and baby during those first few minutes remind me of just why I love to do the job that I do.  From experience I know that this tininess lasts a heartbeat!  Savvy parents ensure that they capture this unique time of life through the art of photography.

Settling down to begin, it was clear to notice how Isla was going to be a dream to photograph.  Chilled after her milk, I had a great opportunity to photograph her with her new friends.  The newness and soft tangibility of new teddies gets me every time.  I am sure they were not this soft when I was a child!! Surely, it is mandatory to have the most fabulous teddies as a newborn isn’t it?  It made me smile as Joseph has the same white bunny (which I think half of the UK child population must have!!)  Don’t you just want to stroke them all??

You can’t beat a good pair of red shoes, can you?

During our previous session we had incorporated a gorgeous pair of Spanish red shoes.  Consequently, we made sure that we replicated that now Isla was actually here.  Usually, I always encourage my clients to bring sentimental gifts as these can often bring a new dimension to the photographs.  Before Claire and Chris know, Isla will have outgrown these shoes and will be onto her next!!!

oldham baby photographer

Thankfully, the majority of my clients return for future photography sessions.  One of the things that I love the most is seeing how the little ones personalities grow.  From a very early age it can be easy to spot signs that give a clue as to what they might be like next time we meet.  I put money on Isla being sitting and crawling early days from watching her wriggle about.  I swear she was trying to roll over at one point!

oldham baby photographer

oldham baby photographer

I smiled all the way home!

Chris and Claire, both sessions with you have been truly brilliant and I wish you the very best on this exciting journey we call parenting.

oldham baby photographer


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