I definitely need more baby bump photography in my life!

Time to chuckle to myself!

As I walked in one of my favourite local venues, Alexandra Park in Oldham, I chuckled to myself.  As the helpful Mum and Oldham family photographer, as you can imagine, most of my sessions have babies and children present.  However, this one was a little different with baby still being in Mummy’s tummy!  Favourably, baby bump sessions make me glad to have the vocation I do.  I have blogged in the past about why baby bump photography isn’t what you think it is and how it is a great way to celebrate this epic milestone but to be honest, it’s one of my least popular collections and I wish it wasn’t the case!  It is definitely such a great time to document life and between us, we make the session fun and memorable, like with the brilliant Chris and Claire!

Making guys laugh is a must for me

Usually, it is always the female who books in for sessions with Inspired By Joseph so one of the first things I usually do is joke with the bloke that they are here because they have to so they may as well enjoy it!  Chris took the whole session in his stride and it was clear to see that he just got why this was important to Claire.  Brilliant man!

Anyhow, back to the story!

The reason I smiled is because I realised that because I had just two adults (and a bump), everyone would firmly have their listening ears in and between us, we could create some fab images!  Consequently, I found I took a zillion more photos than I imagined and we were able to extend the session by taking in more areas of the park, a winner!  Definitely need to get more baby bump sessions in!

As all good photographers do, I always try to use my clients name throughout the session but what usually happens about half way through is that I automatically refer to everyone as Mummy and Daddy, it’s just a habit!!  I found myself in the same position today and with Claire and Chris being first time parents found it quite funny adjusting to their new titles as you can imagine!

Pregnancy is a powerful time of life

What I loved about the session was the level of confidence and assurance from Claire at this epic time in her life.  Just look at these!  Claire exuded happiness and love in bucket loads towards her ever growing bump which, at one time, made me gather my thoughts as I recalled both of my pregnancies with love and pride too…

During a baby bump session, I always capture photos without the bump and the guys nailed it today, don’t you think??  I cannot wait until baby comes along and I get to work with such a lovely all again!

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