Meet Alyssa through the eyes of a newborn photographer in Oldham

Time for a new baby, Bev?

People often ask me if we are going to have another baby.  When you have the job I have, I have the pleasure of meeting tiny new babies all of the time. I usually guarantee a cuddle time experienced that sense of newborn so that is usually my fix!

My latest meet was with a gorgeous baby girl called Alyssa who was just eleven days old.  Even though I’ve had my own two babies in the last four years and I photograph babies for a living, it is still exceptionally easy to forget just how tiny babies are and how quickly they grow day by day! Saying that Alyssa seemed older (and wiser!) than her eleven days, especially when she had her eyes wide open!  I think she has her Mamma’s eyes…

newborn photographer oldham

oldham family photographer

Why being a female and a Mum really helps…

As a female and a Mum, I could totally empathise with Mum, Becky. Joseph was born at the same time of year and I remember how challenging I found the heat.  Becky took it in her stride though (unlike me!) but I still made sure we took loads of breaks in between. As you know, with me, I have all of the time in the world!

Both Becky and Phil decided to work with me as they wanted the authenticity of family life from the comfort of home.  They were totally at ease as I documented this amazing stage of their life.  At one point Phil asked me if I was obsessed about hands and feet to which I replied “absolutely Phil, before you know it these tiny things will be running away from you!”

newborn family photographer oldham

oldham baby photographer

oldham baby photographer

Experience matters..

Becky was also keen for their family dog to appear in photos too.  That’s the benefit of sessions held at home, we can incorporate whatever you so wish into the many, many photos that you receive at the end.

oldham baby photographer

family photography oldham

Congratulations Becky and Phil on such a great experience and thank you so much for the wonderful feedback:

Bev came to do a photoshoot in our home for our 11 day old baby! She was very calm and patient with us and our baby and the time flew by. We absolutely love the pictures and will treasure those memories forever.   Also extremely good value for what you pay, no extortionate prices and no hidden costs at the end!  We could tell Bev totally loves doing photography which made it all the better.
Thank you Bev! 

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saddleworth family photographer

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