Newborn baby photography is the best!

Newborn baby photography is the best!


When I receive an enquiry about photographing a tiny, newborn mini person, it can often make my day!  Despite having my own two children who were both super tiny for months on end, it is true, you do forget the smallness of a new born.

So when I arrived at Charlotte and Marcus’s house to photograph Alfie, I was all ready for the tiny bundle of joy.  Fully expecting a soundly asleep baby, I was surprised to see his two gorgeous eyes looking right at me!  He looked so content it was magic.  In reality and to be fair, I imagine it might have been the scouse accent that he is not used to!!

Time is patience

In reality, every newborn session is different.  The golden thread which makes them identical is the length of time taken to secure the most perfect photographs.  Consequently the last thing I want is anxious parents or babies so I always emphasise that there is no rush and that the photography doesn’t start until baby is ready.  Take Alfie.  It was an hour before we got going which, I emphasise, is absolutely fine.  But once we did then that was it.  What an absolute superstar!

Thankfully we managed to create a few sleeping photos before he woke up to compliment the awake images.  I am sure that he could hear my shutter clicking away as he kept looking right into the lens.  Charlotte and Marcus got stuck in too and allowed me to guide them in a way that ensures that the photos truly reflect their tiny little family.  Despite the tiredness that new babies bring, the sparkle in their eyes made me smile inside.  Thank you for the privilege of photographing you….

Newborn baby photography

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