Newborn baby photography reminded me of my first ten days as a Mum

Newborn baby photography reminded me of my first ten days as a Mum

May I introduce you to the gorgeous Emily!

From the moment I met Emily, aged ten days, I was blown away by how grown up she looks!  Beautifully dark hair and wide open eyes would make it simple to mistake her for a baby somewhere between twice and five times her actual age.  Utterly content lying on Mums lap, I knew that we were all in for some amazing photographs.

Emily didn’t disappoint.  Following on from some great sleeping photos and in between feeds and nappy changes (three nappies one after the other!) came some fantastic photos with Mummy and Daddy.  In reality, the atmosphere in the room was one of calm and tranquility with soft music playing in the background and the sun shining through the window.  Consequently, I rewound to my first ten days with Joseph and can guarantee that my reality was far from this!  Topped off with a slice of homemade (yes homemade!!) coffee cake, I quite fancied hanging around for a while and not travelling home!  Just another reason why I love my job, it’s not working at all!

Emily, welcome to the world.   You are going to love it!!

Newborn baby photography

Newborn baby photography


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