My top photographs from 2015 – Inspired By Joseph photography

Happy New Year guys!  Hope you all had a good one!  As 2016 is now upon us, it’s a good time to reflect back on some happy memories from the short time in 2015 I have been in business.

I’ve spent the first three quarters of the year plucking up the courage to start Inspired By Joseph photography (you can read my story here) working hard at deciding the type of service I want to offer clients, developing a website, creating my brand and of course, taking lots of photographs!  It’s been a hugely time consuming and ever growing task but it’s been an absolute pleasure as I can honestly say I love what I do!  Meeting people, having a great experience with them and creating memories have been fantastic!

I’d like to take this time to thank a few fabulous ladies who have helped me during this time:

Becky Lord Design who created my branding and hitting the nail on the head with her designs!

Sarah from Muslimah Web Designs who did a fantastic job not only at designing my website but providing great strategic input.

Then on 6th October 2015, I pressed GO and launched!  Every day is a huge learning curve but I have been really pleased with the progress I have made in such a short time.  Sure there is still lots to do (which I have to balance with a new baby that is literally days from entering the world!) but I know that if I keep taking baby steps, I can continue to develop and grow as a person, as well as realising the ambition I have for Inspired By Joseph photography.

I’ve had some great feedback along the way but I 100% believe that others input plays a huge part of the success. Please do contact me with your hints, tips and words of wisdom as I’d love to hear from you!

But for now, I leave you with a selection of my top photographs from 2015 and best wishes for 2016 and all of the happiness, health and wealth that you desire…..

Joseph, now a confident walker, loves being in the garden!  We were exploring a friends garden when their dog suddenly barked and I caught Joseph looking behind him to see what the noise was!

Joseph looking at the doggie!

I loved photographing the fabulous Evans family.  Helped by the most beautiful backdrop in the world, the Liverpool skyline, I caught the moment they watched as people passed by the beach in New Brighton.

The Jones' family enjoy the beautiful Liverpool skyline - the best in the world!

Gemma is so athletic and flexible, this photograph, taken at the stunning St George’s Hall in Liverpool showcases this in an unprompted moment she took to have a stretch!


This photograph was taken the week Max just started to walk!  His Mum was so pleased that I was able to capture this moment for her – a permanent memory for the whole family.

Max just learnt to walk!

Billie was so giddy whilst the whole family played in the leaves.  I love the autumn colours that describe the day so beautifully!

Billie at Tandle Hills, Oldham

This makes me chuckle!  The Howard family enjoying a moment together – beautifully summarised with the love family sign in the foreground.  Like Joseph, Alf loves ducks which we wanted to capture in the photograph.

The Howard family


Photographing the McHughs reminded me why I got broody and number two is on it’s way!!  Alice was a treasure!!


Alice amongst her teddy bears - and Mummy and Daddy of course!


Finally, I love this baby bump picture of the Hampshire family – such an important milestone to photograph!  Everyone kept so still!

Oldham photography - baby bump and family photography

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