My simple four tips for guaranteeing pictures that transform from ok to wow

My top fabulously simple four tips for guaranteeing pictures that transform from ok to wow!

Photography is a skill that we can all continuously improve.  Do you want to brush up on your photography skills? Discover my top tips to turn the volume of brilliance up on your next set of photographs whether you are using a phone, tablet or camera.

  1. Change your hold stance

    Do you find that you take all of your photographs in portrait mode? Shake it up and discover landscape or angle the camera half way for an edge!  Do you always work at eye level? Get walking up the stairs or down super low floor for a totally new perspective.  Take the same photo in multiple ways and discover the differences.

    2.  Check out the light

    If you are outside taking photographs of people, it is always advisable to avoid the harsh midday sun therefore leaving yourself with unflattering images.  Always consider standing behind the sun so that your subjects are consequently facing the light and capture a few images in case your subjects blink! If you are inside, use as much natural light as possible so head for a window or a door and pull back the blinds or curtains!

    3.  Use the rule of thirds

    When you look at your phone, camera or camera lens, imagine two horizontal and two vertical lines which therefore create nine even blocks.  If you use this frame to position your subjects along any of the intersections, this helps to create more drama in your composition.

    4.  Remove unwanted clutter

    Before you press the shutter, double check what is in the frame. Is there anything that is distracting that could be eliminated?  As a result, can you readjust your frame to remove them?  If people are walking past, just give them a minute to pass.

As a result of the above, are you not convinced that you should be taking more photos in the first place?  Check out this blog post to find out why you should!


Three quick tips to encourage you to take more photographs now!



Did you find these tips useful?  What do you find frustrating about photography?  Hit reply below and let me know and I will do my best to help you out.

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