My Mum #2. Meet Tracy Buckley

My Mum Story #2.  Meet Tracy Buckly!

Tracy is aged 46, a mum of 2, and partner to one long suffering man . Lover of cake, prosecco, fairy lights and swearing. Tracey is obsessed with those little leaflets of attractions you pick up at service stations. She lives opposite the pub which is always a good thing when you have children( apart from when they ask really loudly ‘are we going to the pub again ?’

I am Mum to….

Frankie, 5 and Scarlett, 3.

The best bits about being a Mum are….

The best bits about being a mum are … The absolute unconditional love you feel for your children, seeing them grow and learn about everything, being able to relive my own childhood by doing the things with them that my mum did with me, doing things all the time that I wouldn’t do if I didn’t have kids…and absolutely loving it! But mainly that having them has made me a better person.

The most challenging bits about being a Mum are….

THE FEAR! The fear we didn’t have before children which now permeates everything! ‘What if they fall over that bridge/ fall on a knife in the dishwasher/ fall down the stairs/ get abducted/ get ill / fall over a cliff etc etc.  Followed closely by ‘what if I get ill/die/have an accident etc.  Before children I skipped through life throwing blasé comments around ‘ooh when your times up, it’s up!’ …oh yes I’ll do that bungee jump off the highest bridge in the world, no problem!’ No one tells you about the fear because you think it won’t happen to you but it does! Because suddenly you are in charge of little people who rely solely on you to keep them safe and alive every day… No pressure mums!

The sudden realisation that you are in charge of making your child into a good and decent human being!  Which means sometimes being tough, lots of tears and tantrums, lots of soul searching and conversations with each other ‘are we doing this right?’  We can only do the best we can, can’t we?  I am a firm believer that if your child knows how loved they are and that you can teach them to be as honest and open as possible then you are going in the right direction.

The best piece of advice I could give other mums is….

Not to judge other mums….we are all doing our best! ( And before I became a mum I was the judgiest person ever so I’m talking from experience !!)

To follow your own instincts….advice is fab and I love to hear about other mums experiences with things but you know your own child better than anyone so follow your instincts.

Let other people help you!  We all need friends, and help can always be reciprocated so if someone offers to help you out… Don’t be a martyr… accept it gratefully! (especially if it means having a few hours of precious time for yourself!)

Since I’ve become a Mum I….

Have learnt to be waaaaay more patient than I ever was before!
Have perfected the art of multi tasking to a fine art, not to mention having 3 conversations at the same time, mainly about nonsense.
Have found myself hiding in the utility room eating a cream egg so I don’t have to share it.
Have had more conversations about poo than I care to imagine.
With strangers.
Have found myself sympathising with Daddy Pig because everyone picks on him.

But mostly, I feel part of a team…..MY team! With my cheerleaders there at every opportunity to make me crack into a big smile and thank the universe every day that I have them!  (apart from when they ask me if I’ve still got a baby in my tummy!)

My best mum photo is this one because….

Obviously I have cheated on this one because I have thousands of photos and it pains me to have to pick one!  But mainly I love these photos simply because the happiness is radiating out of every bit of us all!

my mum story #2 tracy buckley


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