My Mum #3. Meet Rachel Evans

My Mum Story #3.  Meet Rachel Evans!

Rachel is 32, married mum of 3 young children. She’s a lover of family days out, days at the (UK) beach and of course cheese & wine. She also keeps a blog about her family life and aims to keep local families up to date with what’s on. You can check out her page here

I am Mum to….

Joshua aged 5 and Oscar and Isla who will be 2 years old this March.

The best bits about being a Mum are….

Watching my children grow and develop, everyday as they learn the way of the world they surprise me and make me so proud. The unconditional love is an amazing feeling and there’s nothing like it.

The most challenging bits about being a Mum are….

Trying to fit everything and everyone in is something I find very challenging as a mum. On a daily basis I try to spend time with my twins together but also individually, with my eldest after school, also as a family but with my husband also. Then there’s the mountain of homework, the ever growing washing pile, housework etc etc, the list keeps growing! I try to take a step back, think about what’s important and try not to worry too much. Surely that housework can wait whilst we head to the park?!

The best piece of advice I could give other mums is….

Don’t compare yourself to other mums and realise it’s OK to give yourself a break! Remember your not in competition with anyone.

I try to remember that in the future, my children will remember spending time & playing with their mum rather than how tidy the house was. They really do grow up fast (I know everyone says it, but it’s true!), soon enough they won’t want cuddles or to play with mummy. Us Mums can be our own worst enemies, just take a break and remember that we have the best and hardest job in the world!

My best mum photo is this one because….

Sorry, I take too many photos (can you really have too many?) to be able to choose one best mum photo!

My Mum story rachel evans


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