My Mum #17. Meet Jenny Howard

My Mum Story continues.  Meet Jenny, aged 42, a full time working mum, wife to Chris and type one diabetic. Jenny is a qualified accountant, has spent the last ten years as an external audit manager and is about to take on an exciting new challenge with a brand new career in industry after 19 years in the world of audit. Her favourite time is weekends and school holidays spending precious time with her family. Her favourite weekend pastime is going for a walk, having a spot of lunch out and a few cheeky glasses of wine.
I am Mum to.... Alfie, aged 5

The best bits about being a Mum are....

Being a significant influence in Alfie’s life and helping him to become a confident and well-rounded little man. He is always on the go and is a loveable, cheeky, very funny, bright and happy child. Our favourite time together is using our imagination to tell each other stories and come up with wild adventures.

The most challenging bits about being a Mum are....

Trying to fit everything in with work, homework, trying to be super mum, cleaning the house, managing my condition and still having a tiny amount of time to spoil myself.

The best piece of advice I could give other mums is....

Listen to your child and don’t feel guilty for spending quality time on yourself.

Since I’ve become a Mum I....

have become more confident, learnt to multi task on a whole new level with very little time and speak up a lot more than I used to.

My best mum photo is this one because....

I am with my best bud whilst on holiday in France where we spent three amazing weeks together this summer.

Mum Story - Jenny Howard
Mum Story - Jenny Howard

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