My Mum Stories – taken over by Dads #3!

My Mum Story has been taken over by Dad's in the run up to Father's Day!

In the run up to Father's Day, here's the third Dad installment of My Mum Stories.  So, let me introduce to you my very own dear and beloved dad, Peter Lam.  Until you become a parent yourself, you really don't get to appreciate how much time, effort and love goes into bringing up kids.  I am ever so thankful to my Dad (and my Mum) for taking the approach that they did to raise me, letting me make my own decisions, follow our own path and supporting us with everything we did (even if they didn't agree, which they often wouldn't have told us anyway!) and for spending so much time with us as kids.  So, I am proud to present, my Dad!!

What is the best thing about being a dad?

It’s the bond between a father and child and the undying instant love from birth that you never knew existed.  Hard to describe but so amazing! The most challenging bits about being a Dad? Finding the right balance between discipline and your child's acceptance that Dad is right ( most of the time ).  *An edit from Bev is as follows..... Also knowing when to say the money tree is bare! :) The best piece of advice I could give other dads is..... Be patient.  There are always other children worse than yours and as they grow you realise how good your children are.  Manners matter.  They cost nothing but have a massive impact!  One of the biggest lessons in life! Since I’ve become a Dad I’ve...  Realised that its not a text book life to bring children in to this world. It's certainly not easy but the rewards outweigh all those times you could scream!  Very often and certainly for my kids, it's Mum who is the major factor in bringing up children so credit to Mum's!! My best photo is this one...

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