My Mum Stories – taken over by Dads!

My Mum Story has been taken over by Dad's in the run up to Father's Day!

I've decided to switch things up a bit in the run up to Father's day!  The next few stories will be from Dad's to celebrate the amazing work they do too!  So, let me introduce Keith Orson, dad of 2, Sam 3 and Lauren, 2.

What is the best thing about being a dad?

So far (being that my two are 2 & almost 4 years old), it’s the transition from talking and gesturing at them, to having a conversation with them. Sam our eldest is great with his speech and understanding, Lauren I’m sure will be quick follow, no doubt to the point where Sam can’t get a word in. I regularly do the school and nursery pickup on the way home and those few minutes are great to see if they can properly recall their day’s activity. It’s also amazing (and scary) how much and how quickly they pick things up... The most challenging bits about being a Dad? Finding enough time to achieve everything, not just entertaining the family but keeping on top of everything else... Never has the joke about going to work for a rest been more true than since entering parenthood. The best piece of advice I could give other dads is..... I guess the cliché is to say ‘make the most of it whilst they’re young’ but it’s true, they really do grow up so fast! Also, get a good coffee machine and make sure you have a secret stash of chocolate & biscuits somewhere! Since I’ve become a Dad I’ve...  Put on a few pounds, gone grey(er), bought a more sensible car, gone to bed earlier, got out of bed earlier, mastered the art of the car boot nappy change, accepted that just because I’ve tidied the house it doesn’t mean it won’t look like a bomb’s gone off 5 minutes later & made some memories that will stay with me forever. My best photo is this one... My Mum story - Keith Orson

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