My Mum Stories – taken over by Dads #2!

My Mum Story has been taken over by Dad's in the run up to Father's Day!

In the run up to Father's Day, here's the second Dad installment of My Mum Stories.  So, let me introduce Darren Edwards dad of 2, Jacob, 4 and Ivan, 1.

What is the best thing about being a dad?

For me personally, the best thing about being a Dad has been the increased sense of purpose and meaning that they have brought into to my life.  Having little people that love you unconditionally and without an agenda is something that nothing else in the world compares against, having little people that look to you for fun, comfort and direction is the best. The most challenging bits about being a Dad? In these early years the most challenging aspect about being a Dad is probably the mental carnage that’s caused by sleep deprivation and the increased worry that follows the arrival of little ones.  I can live without the social aspects and even the ‘me time’ in life quite well, but what wreaks havoc is sleep deprivation and the toll is can take on you sense of normality and your personal relationships.  The absent mindedness, sniping and edginess that flows in the first few years is probably one of the largest contributors to relationship break downs you hear about just after a couple has had a child. The best piece of advice I could give other dads is..... The best piece of advice I can give to any dad is to always be there to support your family first and foremost but keep a very close watch on your mental sanctity. Go to bed as early as you can (I didn’t do this and it wasn’t not pretty after a while) – Yes, turn into your ‘early to bed parents’, there is a reason they did and we are not all zombies. Let other people help you to raise your kids and to look after your children, pay for it if you have no family and friends around and you can afford it, this leads on to my last piece of advice - Make time for yourself, because you become a fairly sad and disengaged individual when you are only spending time with yourself and your family.  So, don’t forget that you exist, have purpose and a life journey of your own. Since I’ve become a Dad I’ve...  Since I’ve become a dad, I’ve become more aware of maximizing opportunities to do new and interesting things.  I have fair less personal time and less money than ever, so the importance of ‘providing’ seems to be at the forefront of any decision or direction.  But despite this my life is rich with fun, caring, silliness and love and the only thing I’d change about being a dad would be having even more energy to do even more as a dad. My best photo is this one...
My dad Story Darren Edwards

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