My Mum Story – all 1,180 days photographed by Mothers Day. Will you join me?

My Mum story – life as a Saddleworth photographer and Mum documented through the art of photography

Welcome to My Mum Story.  Since my exhilarating, life changing moment of a twelve week scan for my first born, Joseph, I’ve documented my family’s life.  My life as a Saddleworth Photographer and Mum with a photograph every day.  In essence, that means by Mothers Day 2017, I will reach a massive 1,180 days.  That’s right.  A photo every day.

In reality, it’s thoroughly demanding and at times, in truth, I can’t be bothered but I know that my future self and two children will thank me no end.  As a busy, tired and overworked Mum, I endeavour to get in as many photos as I can.  Occasionally I manage to have my hair in a nice looking up do (straighteners are saved for extraordinary occasions these days!) with a ten second application of make up but other times my hair hasn’t been washed in five days and the bags under my eyes convey sleepless nights when I was proud to be in the two under two club!


my mum story
My first time out with Joseph and daddy. Tired and make up free, I dragged myself out for afternoon tea!  It was hard but worth it!


Why does everything have to be extreme?

It saddens me that on social media, the selfie obsession is firmly rooted at both ends of the spectrum.  In other words it’s either the ‘being a Mum is hard and look here’s my evidence with my chaotic house, stained breakfast clothes plus a screaming baby I can’t console’ or the ‘look at my baby beautifully swaddled up, lying peacefully like an angel.’  Conversely it’s the ‘look how fantastically in shape I am just a few weeks after giving birth in my matching neon pink gym outfit’ to the ‘look at my post partum belly a few hours after giving birth’.

In my world, it’s not always like that!

Where are the in between photos?  Why do these get missed out so much?  Yes we all have good and bad days but usually each day is a balance and therefore the ideal time to take what I call the ‘average’ photos.  The everyday moments which illustrate beautifully and authentically the story of life as a Mum.  The regular, routine things that Mums do day in, day out.  Singing to our children, picnicking in the park, trying to sleep.  In reality, being a Mum isn’t always plain sailing but that isn’t a reason NOT to photograph life.

My Mum Story
About 16 weeks pregnant, after a full working day in London I was too busy on my work phone that I got on the wrong tram, I was knackered!

 It’s up to you, Mum!

I want to empower mothers to take personal responsibility for realising the benefits of being in more photos with their children, documenting their day to day lives on a continuous basis like I do.  It bugs me that most Mum’s don’t get in enough photos and I am on a mission to stop this for the sake of our children.  Moreover, what gives us the right to make this decision on their behalf?  And it shouldn’t be up to the Dads to take the photos either, don’t get me started on that one!  In reality, I understand it when we say we don’t have time but if we spent one less minute using our phone for other purposes to instead take just one photo, surely we can all manage that?

A selfie trying to hide the fact that my hair hasn’t been washed in a week AND I’m tired AND the children have nearly every book off the bookshelf! I’m still smiling though!

From one Mum to another…

My own Mum sums up how passionate I am about through this beautiful poem which is meant to hit the core.  Conversely, it doesn’t matter how old your child is, it is never too late to start taking more photos with us Mums included:

If you do one thing today….

Get in more photos.  You owe it to your children….

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