I never, ever thought that this would be a reason a client would contact me

The truth about photography and my clients

One of the things that keeps me going on the hard and long road that is setting up and growing your own business is this.  The joy that I feel when clients come back time and time again to help me document their lives.

Look, I know that everyone can take photos.  In fact, I know we all have a camera at arms reach most of the day.  At the same time, I understand and appreciate that photography is a considered purchase, not a necessity so is something that people can do without.  To me, it’s no different though than going out for a meal at a restaurant or stopping for a coffee instead of making one at home…

My clients continue to surprise me…

However, Christine is a wise owl who, in my eyes, knows the true value of documenting her life.  I have done no less than six sessions with her family since I set up.  I have had the pleasure of creating memories for significant milestones in her life from baby bump photos with her second child, which turned into baby photos when Lauren arrived.  Swiftly followed by photographs of the wider family as well as replicating a photo from the previous generation of the family.  In my eyes, Christine looks at the bigger life picture.  She is a fantastic example of someone who has the perfect mix of her own plus professional photos to document key family milestones.

This has been my favourite session – until now!

As a result, Christine’s latest session is one that made me think ‘yes, this is SUCH a brilliant reason to take photos!’ which I had never considered before!  As a result, this is definitely something that I would want to do again.  After all, stories of our life, are the perfect time to take photos!

Such a great idea!

So, you may be wondered what it is… It’s moving out of their first family home to a new, bigger home for their growing family. In reality, this is such a clever and unique thing to do.  In Christine’s case, it’s an opportunity to recall the amazing memories that she has created.  How she has watched her family grow.  The sleepless nights.  The baby milestones.  The way her house and garden has changed to accommodate the changing needs of her family is such a great thing to do!  Consequently I know that this is something that Christine will look back on and not regret doing.  Not ever.

saddleworth tameside family photographer

The range of photos made me smile

We started off in the garden.  I photographed the family doing all of the normal things that they do.  The beauty of this is that I document photos of the whole family so nobody is missing which I know can be the norm.  To say I was super impressed with the amount of fruit and vege that they picked is an understatement.  Just take a look!  Next followed the mandatory throw the kids up in the air.  We do this at every session, only it’s increasingly harder for Keith and Christine now that the children are older and growing fast!  Obviously we used the background of the house as a backdrop to help cement those memories.

Once inside, I made sure that I photographed the family by their photo wall.  Inspired by one of my first ever (and most popular may I add!) blog posts, Christine created a fabulous setting which includes a perfect balance of both their own and my photographs plus, what I absolutely loved, a collection of arts and crafts made by the kids at nursery, strategically lodged on some of the frames.  We concluded in the kids bedroom, just look how cute this is…

saddleworth tameside family photographer

Lovely times…

No session would be complete without the obligatory move sign outside their house.  By this stage the kids, dog and parents were all about ready for lunch so I love some of the expressions that I documented at this stage.  Thank you Christine for looking way above how people usually view the services of a photographer and for allowing me the privilege of photographing your gorgeous family!


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