Happy Mothers Day – The best gift could be one you do for yourself right now

Happy Mother’s Day from one Mamma to another.

Becoming a Mamma myself radically changed how I see Mother’s Day.  It made me appreciate my own Mum in a whole new way that I didn’t even know was possible.  Consequently, it also made the urge for a lie in (8am will do!) and a peace free morning more than ever!

Mother’s Day is super special so make today your day; hell you deserve it!  If there was ever a day to stop, take some time for yourself and do what you will, it is today.  Life passes by so quickly and before you know it, today will be over.  In three minutes you can read this and pick just one small thing you can do that will make you feel instantly better.  Consequently you could be cementing a moment in time for years to come.  You’re welcome!  😉

Do one thing for yourself today

In reality, the below tasks start easy and each one requires a little more effort so choose wisely!  I’m heading straight to number five to arrange for a mega one to be created whilst I have a child free house and some time on my hands this morning!

1.  Get on your phone

Swipe through the photos on your phone and laugh, smile or cry at the many Mum moments you can reminisce. In reality, how often do we take all of these photos on our phone and do something with them?  At least honour the moment and effort you took to take those photos and appreciate them. However, if the thought of trying to find those special moments is making you feel queasy attempting to find them amongst the sheer weight of thousands of photos held on your phone, then read this).  Here are some of my most recent personal favourites of the two most fabulous people in my life…

2.  Have a wander

Take a few minutes to wander around your house and actually look and admire your photos on the wall or in frames.  In reality, how often do you actually stop and really (I mean really) look at these?  Take yourself back to that moment in time and enjoy it.  Hell, why not grab a cloth and glass cleaner and give them a quick clean whilst you are there?

3.  Get inspired

Grab a cuppa or a glass of fizz and feel inspired by reading a selection of my Mum Stories or read why I’ve taken a photo every day for over four years. Created to inspire other Mums, these are a great read and if you fancy submitting your own story, get in touch!  Being a Mum is super hard and sometimes hearing other people’s stories can be a nice thing to do as we cheer each other on this fabulous but hard journey we are on together.

4.  Start a new tradition

Take a selfie, with your own kids or Mum.  In other words, take a photo with everyone in it! Why not set yourself a new tradition to create a photo on every Mother’s Day going forward?  You can grab a few tips on how to make it the best selfie ever or check out my five super quick and easy tips to take a better photo.

5.  Start shopping

Order a new print of your favourite photo for your home. Consequently, it won’t arrive on Mother’s Day but it’s the action of doing it and not putting it off that will make your Mother’s Day.  I’ve some useful reading on where to print your photo and which type of frame to use.

6.  Take action that your future self will thank you for

Book in for a family session with me. Time passes quickly so don’t put off what you may regret not getting around to.  Investing in professional photography can be daunting but I promise, with the Inspired By Joseph experience, unlimited digital images and loads more, it is definitely worth it.  No one ever said they wished they had spent the money on something else.  Check out the offers section of my Facebook page for further information.

I’d love to know which of the above actions you took on this day reserved for my favourite people, Mum’s!  Comment below and let’s see which Mum’s have done something for themselves today!

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