A new milestone for Inspired By Joseph photography!

A new milestone for Inspired By Joseph photography!

As I’m still a relatively new business, life is full of firsts.  I’ve recently blogged about my first group cake smash for example.  Consequently, I can add a new one to my list, photographing a family of six with all four children aged nine and under.

Scary, scary!

I’m not going to lie, prepping for this client session was quite scary.  What would it be like to photograph such a large family?  Could I keep their attention long enough to get the quality of photographs I wanted?  In addition, would the ideas in my head ever come to fruition?  Nevertheless, I worked out a plan in my head and off I went to scout out the location.

Ordinarily I always have a level of nervousness before a session ( it’s healthy and helps me create photos that my clients love!) but for this one it felt different! Having done a full review of the location, I waiting with eagerness and a head full of ideas to come to fruition.

So much fun!

What a great session!  The whole family came together for what I can only describe as tremendous photos.  Each idea in my head was easily executed through the fun and laughter that we all had together. I have a whole bag of tricks up my sleeve which never fail and even with such a large family, it didn’t disappoint!

Just have a think for a moment about:
a) how difficult it must be for a family of six to get one decent photo with everyone in with the busy lives we all lead
b) how difficult it must be to get everyone doing the right thing (note that I don’t say everyone looking at the camera!)

I am massively pleased to have had the privilege of taking a wide range of photographs for this family.  I know that they have big plans with the different ways that they can use the photos.  Exactly what I like to see happen!

Always valuing my clients wishes…

Again, like in previous posts, you will see no photos of this session as I respect my clients privacy wishes.  I can share this photo which sums up a photo session that I will never forget!  The kids picked twigs to represent each of them, how cute is that?? Here’s to many more large group family sessions!

wirral family photography

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