The secret to keeping your phone memory free

The secret to keeping your phone memory free is easy!

Can you relate to this?  You’ve grabbed your phone to take a photo of something amazing happening in front of your eyes only to find that your storage is full?  Before there is time to delete some of the hundreds of photos we have, the moment has passed.  As a Mum in the Saddleworth Tameside area, us Mums’s do it a lot.  When do we have time to sort out all of the photos on our phones?  Time is too precious to be getting on with mundane jobs like this, right?  Wrong.

There is an option to suit you.

Some of us are really good at backing photos up using the modern way of the cloud.  Backing up photos on Android or backing up photos on Apple products is relatively easy.  I personally choose to follow this three step process and cover my bases so to speak:

  1.  I delete my photos as I go.  So before I even choose to download photos on to my PC, I make sure that the multiples, or ones that don’t make the cut have been deleted.
  2. Saving them on to my PC is the next step.  To find out my filing system, you can read my blog post to see how easy it is.
  3. Finally, I go through the photos that I have just added to my PC and unless it’s an absolute favourite photo I delete it from my phone, safe in the knowledge that it is saved on my PC.

Each time the process is exactly the same.  I never change it.  I appreciate it might sound complicated but if you do it every few weeks, it’s not that bad, honest.

That moment has gone.  Never to return in the same light.

If you can follow this process then you are safe in the knowledge that you will never miss a photo opportunity because of a storage problem.  What a nice feeling?  Conversely, it feels good to think you won’t have all the kerfuffle of messing around trying to delete photos on the go again.

Just commit and see what happens…..

Now I know the thought of backing up photos is boring.  In reality, none of us have the time.  Let me introduce to you my secret weapon that works every time. Diarising fifteen minutes means managing your photos is easy.  I understand it sounds like a really geeky thing to do but seriously, just as you probably hate filing bills and completing general life admin, if you keep on top of this, it is done in a matter of minutes.  Every Friday afternoon, it’s one of the jobs I do.  Let me tell you, it feels good to know that I am on top of my photos and I’ll never have a moment of ‘storage full’ again!

The secret to keeping your phone memory free?  Easy!

where to print photos
where to print photos

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