How is my little Joseph four?

Tears at bedtime

Drafting this post at the end of the day has not been the wisest of moves.  See, I’ve just come back from a parents induction at the school he starts in September and  the reality of it all has finally started to sink in.  I’m actually not the best at change, I will admit that and the gigantic (to me anyway!) changes that are about to take place in Joseph’s life are still hard for me to get my head around.  Is he actually really four and is school really on the horizon????

In reality, I have nothing to cry about!

I fell absolutely privileged that I have created a life that has enabled me to spend as much time as I can with both of my kids.  Apart from his three sessions at preschool, the rest of the week we fill as we wish.  I also have my daily photos which remind me of all of the adventures that we have had together as well as his journal of memories which, when he is older I will share with him.  Despite all of my ‘records’ I still cannot understand where the time has gone. I know we all say time goes fast but really, four years??

Photography has enabled me to start my own family traditions

There are many things that I replicate when it comes to family photos.  When I visit Uncle Stan and Aunty Margaret, I always get a photo under the archway to their garden.  At the Delph Scarecrow Festival, I always get a photo at The Old Bell Inn (who always do such a  great job!)  I also have taken the concept of a cake smash to new levels replicating this every year.  Just take a look below at some of my favorites which includes Joseph and two of his friends when he was three…




This year has been no different…

So when I decided to keep the tradition going with three of Joseph’s friends for his fourth birthday, I wondered if I had swallowed more than I could chew!  At this age it is lovely to see the three very different relationships he has with his three besties, Scarlett, Henry and Max.  Plus at this age, I was VERY curious as to what would happen.  They say a picture speaks a thousand words so I needn’t say any more…




Before absolute carnage!!




Do you know what?  We all had an absolute ball.  Cake smashes really aren’t just for one year olds, they are a great way of cementing memories and are ideal for thank you cards and gifts.  It’s also great if your little one isn’t too keen on a big birthday party, this could be the ideal alternative.

Happy 4th Birthday Joseph.  Thank you for being you….

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