Two things you could do for women on International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

As a photographer, I have the pleasure of photographing some amazing women. Mums, sisters, daughter, friends, cousins, nieces; all with their own labels that they carry around day to day.  Life stories that continue to inspire me as I inspire to help them record their amazing lives through the art of photography.

Here are just a few of my favourite female photos that make me smile!

Cake smash photography near me - Oldham photographer


cake smash oldham tameside

Baby photography at home from Oldham photographer

Baby bump pregnancy photography from Oldham photographer



Could you do these two this International Women’s Day?  (You too guys, this isn’t just for women!)

We all know women in our lives who mean the world to us and have a positive effect on our life.  So, this International Women’s Day why not do these two small things which I am sure will have a big impact on the recipient.

Say thank you.

Pick a women who has recently done good  and say thank you.  Not just the usual ‘thanks’ most of us are accustomed to but a well thought out thanks. Maybe a hand written note or even just a short telephone call saying how their support has helped you.  It doesn’t have to cost anything!

Give a little to a women who needs it.

Offer to buy your friend her next coffee, add  a bunch of flowers to the next shopping trip for a relative or make a meal for a friend who is time starved (no pun intended!)  The impact could be much greater than you think.


And the bonus is…

Why not take a look at My Mum Stories or even better, get in touch and share your story with us.  My Mum Stories are a really popular feature of my website and is REALLY relateable!


To all my female readers out there, Happy International Women’s Day, you rock!!

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