Inspired By Joseph gets personal….

Inspired By Joseph and the personal side….

It feels right that I share my best family photos from the year first as well as talking Inspired By Joseph.

Personally, this work vs personal side to life I have always had a problem with!  Years ago, I got in a full time row with my boss who believed that you can have a work side that is totally separate from who you are outside of work – not for me!  So here are my favourite parts of the year incorporating two of my passions – family and photography!

I still marvel at how fast the year has gone!

Taken either on my mobile phone or ‘proper camera’ I have loved having the biggest choice of photos to choose from, ever!  However this year, more than ever, I have often felt too time starved to take photos.  Saying that,I am reminded how important it is to preserve memories before they fade when I look back and smile at these….

Inspired By Joseph 2018 personal highlights

For a start, I had my first full year as an Aunty (and now Godparent) to Peter.  His baptism in September was lovely.  I am so proud of my sister for all that she has achieved and how she has dealt with her first year as a Mum.  You can read her Mum Story, and many others here.  Sadly, it is still on my list to get a decent picture of the wider family but we just can’t seem to make it happen but I will in 2019!!

As a family, getting away from the hustle bustle of everyday life is key.

This year our highlight was eight days in Eurodisney which, despite the cold, was truly marvelous.   Jonny and I have been to Disney in Florida many times but it just doesn’t compare with kids.  I can’t even start to describe it!  Many a National Trust visit always go down a treat and I love the light in the photos of Victoria.  Every day, I am truly thankful that she is in my life as she constantly reminds me how important it is to be brave and be yourself!

Obviously, the Manchester Bees for the Bee In The City Trail have all been highlights for us.  The kids were obsessed with the bees and have some of their favourite photos proudly displayed in their rooms. This year, the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ seems to have been more extreme so when it’s been time to play, play I have!

Consequently, there’s few photos of Jonny and I.  Like so many parents, we just don’t get much time together.  To be fair, we have been better this year but we still need to improve as we move into 2019.  I love the photo at a summer wedding.  It makes me smile no end….

The biggest transformation (that I am STILL adjusting to) is Joseph starting school.  Surprisingly, I imagined that the transition would be quite easy.  Getting used to two pick ups on some days, book bags, homework, ParentPay, earlier nights and much more has been tough.  Plus Joseph’s accident just four weeks in to school when he broke his collarbone at home.

We are finally getting into the new school routine and ended the year with Joseph switching on the Christmas lights in Uppermill.  Therefore, the Santa Dash photo is one of my favourites.  Joseph had won the Christmas Card competition at school which was super.

Now it’s time to organise little Miss Victoria’s Peppa Pig themed party for January!  It never stops!

But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Merry Christmas everyone and all the very best for a happy 2019!

Inspired By Joseph 2018 personal highlights



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