When you just can’t put it into words, rely on others

Happy 2019 everybody!

What a way to start off 2019, that’s all I can say!  A naming ceremony/first birthday party/event of the year that has left me smiling from ear to ear.  Recalling the day, the colour’s, the outfits, the people, it was just fantastic.

Inspired By Joseph naming ceremony, Prestwich

This year, I want people to REALLY get Inspired By Joseph

Personally, I find it really hard to explain what I do…. Yes of course I am a photographer.  I get that you all think I take photos, edit them and send them to my clients.  But I assure you that’s just a smidge of what I do.  Trying to explain this is very difficult as you just have to meet me to see how I roll!  I’ve tried to explain this before but it really is difficult!  Consequently I’m just not like other photographers.  Personality and service really are at the heart of my authentically ran business and this is the reason why…

Therefore, I’m going to begin with the finish of my first job of the year.  This is the message that I got from my first client of the year:

Bev you have been amazing today I can’t thank you enough. You were more than just a photographer. You kept me sane and calm when I was getting a bit emosh and made sure us 3 got some special natural photos together. You took your time and didn’t rush. You were just brilliant. Thank you so much!!!!

Followed by this:

Also a lot of our family though you were my friend as you just blended it, got on with it.. on the floor. LOL they all though you were lovely!

Inspired By Joseph naming ceremony, Prestwich

Inspired By Joseph naming ceremony, Prestwich


Therefore my friends, feedback above is the finest way of describing Inspired By Joseph in action.  Running my business with my clients at the very heart of what I do as demonstrated by Alisa.

Thank you Alisa, AJ and Aarav for allowing me to document your amazing day from a great venue with a great DJ set up!  I enjoyed every single second.  From helping Grandma’s take off their cardigans to look the part for photos, to helping kids find their musical instruments, to giving the three of us some time alone to just “be”, the pleasure was all mine.  Usually, I walk into a room as a stranger and leave as a friend.  I make people laugh, I make them feel good about themselves hell sometimes I even make people cry happy tears!   So next time you think about photography, think differently about Inspired By Joseph!

Inspired By Joseph naming ceremony, Prestwich

Inspired By Joseph naming ceremony, Prestwich

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